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CEM Business Solutions is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner (ISO 9001 – 2008 certified) with core competency in implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and as well as our other products, CEM HR and CEM Payroll. With more than a decade of experience in the business consulting domain, we address critical business process areas for different industry verticals such as Oil & Gas, Projects, Trading, Manufacturing, Logistics etc. Having served over 278 customers worldwide across industries, we have achieved a 97.7% Customer satisfaction index and continue to grow.


Employees are brain and heart of any organization. They are the human capital of the organization with great IQ and EQ. Unlike machines, employees expect organization to take care of them, in many ways. Employees’ expectations change from time to time, constantly and progressively. With a lean HR team in most cases, it is impossible for HR department to take of every employee at all times. This leads employee dissatisfaction, performance degradation, manpower turnover and obviously organization’s results.  

There are many areas in HR, which are chores and mundane. Automation comes handy here!

Being HR & IT domains expert, we @ CEM understand this well. With over million hours of experience, we have developed an intuitive solution to imbibe organization DNA in work culture, comprehensively.  

CEM HR and payroll software modules deliver the power technology in employees’ hands. For example, most Human Capital (HCM) processes are available as ESS and MSS. By this, CEM HR software effectively engages employees from Hire to Retire... Read more.

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AX HCM | Human Capital Management

CEM Payroll

AX HR Payroll | Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software

CEM provides a fully integrated payroll system that makes the entire payroll process and payroll accounting a breeze.

The payroll software from CEM leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX, simplifies the entire process of payroll processing through effective monitoring and auditing of employee data.

Resolving the problem of data integrity and streamlining the entire payroll processing with the CEM Payroll software, improves compliance and accuracy in terms of financial reporting.

Make your payroll system completely automated, streamlined, simple, accurate and support global payroll operations with CEM Payroll... Read more

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CEM Applicant Portal

CEM Applicant Portal helps tap top talent efficiently and intuitively. CEM Applicant Portal connects HR recruitment managers, business managers and prospective employees. This portal helps streamline the hiring process, handle job postings, applicant resumes, tracking applicants and importantly helps in selecting THE BEST FIT candidates, using resume parsing.

CEM Applicant Portal has seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Applicant portal can be placed in the website ‘Jobs or career’ page.

Some of the major benefits are:... Read more

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Applicant Portal | Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software

CEM Construct

AX Retail | Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software

CEM Construct for Microsoft Dynamics AX powers the international construction industry through a fully integrated and user-friendly ERP system. The construction management software simplifies the entire business process management in construction companies across USA, UK, Middle East, Singapore and India.

Microsoft Dynamics AX makes the entire construction project management streamlined, right from Finance & Accounts, Purchasing, Assets, Operations and Warehouse.

Overcoming the competition in the construction industry, which is much more extreme in a tough economy, is made easy with the wide range of benefits offered by CEM Construct. The array of processes that follows the successful winning of a bid is crucial and vital to control the cost of the project, to meet the needs of the changing workplace and to keep up with the demands of the customers.

CEM Construct, the adept construction management software puts everything in place and is perfectly designed to meet the specific needs of the construction company, the sub-contracting and contracting companies.

Just take a look at what more we can offer to your construction project management, through our impeccable construction ERP... Read more

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CEM Retail

The ever growing retail industry is tremendously dynamic and represents a few challenges. CEM Retail software based on the influential Microsoft Dynamics AX offers effective solutions to the various challenges posed onto your business.

The retail business is loaded with basic information and discriminating exercises that are to be overseen for building an effective business.

The Retail division in the developing economy gives ample chances to development and brings in various challenges similarly. The business must discover new channels to associate with clients and seize new business open doors.

CEM Retail is a dynamic tool that customizes the various solutions of Microsoft Dynamics AX to your business. The interesting end to end arrangements offered, will improve store administration, promotion and ERP business operations through profound combination....Read more

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AX Construct | Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software

CEM Projects Pro

AX Project Pro | Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software

Considering the size of construction projects, it gets to be crucial to choose the right ERP programming for the effective fruition of a project, within a limited time.

Builders who put resources into the right monetary, operational and development administration programming, execute projects all the more effectively, convey higher quality results to their clients, and in the meantime expand their business profitability.

CEM’s Project pro opens up new avenues to oversee projects all the more viably - Improve project administration and choice making leveraging on the power of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

CEM’s project pro offers a wide range of modules that suits your business needs. Based on the robust platform of Microsoft AX, CEM Project pro helps construction businesses overcome the various challenges posed in the areas of ERP....Read more

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For over a decade, CEM has been successful in this industry with a record of about 97.70% satisfied customers. Don’t just take our word for it… Check out what some of our clients say about us.