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Know more about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012-R3

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012-R3

One of the most challenging industrial sectors, the construction industry, is complicated with numerous minute agitations leading to both time and budget overruns. The construction management has never been a simple task even for giants in the industry. Each new construction project has to be designed, planned and executed appropriately to meet the time and budget goals, overcoming hindrances of seasonal labor force, natural calamities, employees’ accommodation and so on. Only construction management software can make it easy for this industry to achieve their goals with well-planned strategies and processes. Almost all construction management software programs deliver certain modules and features for better performance of the construction industry. To add flavor to it, CEM AX Construct, comes with rich functionality, flexible application platforms, and superior customization facility, generating a prominent rise in revenue and bottom line of the companies. This unique construction ERP software is built on top of the most powerful and robust platform of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, assuring a sure step for gaining competitive advantage and thus success. This construction ERP software, CEM AX Construct focuses on every nook and corner of the construction industry operations and makes the construction management tranquil. The noteworthy modules and features of CEM AX Construct: Sub-Contracting: Maintaining purchase orders, invoices, progress and settlement, demand lots of resources and time. In spite of investing your valuable time and resources, the process is illustrious for cost overruns and security issues. CEM AX Construct handles the situation effortlessly by managing the change orders, tracking payments and certifying the same, and tracking security documents. Workforce Augmentation: Staff augmentation is very much necessary for the construction industry. The need for the workforce alters as processes and plans alter. Managing the hired workforce and making payment on time for them are arduous for any company. The exceptional construction ERP software manages the hired employees and maintains the wages, purchase orders, certifies the payment to be made, integrates it with the existing payroll and molds the process of workforce management. Advanced Project Management: Construction companies are disposed to multiple projects all over the year. Maintaining various projects, tracking their payments, progress and completion have never been an easy task. But wasting numerous human resources’ power to handle these issues and spending money on them is not advisable. CEM AX Construct comes with an advanced project management module to overcome this concern. The module offers applications for better project planning and budget planning. Project document numbering, using productivity codes and contract trend notice, and producing extensive reporting are few of the advanced features offered here. Advanced Inventory Management: Handling multiple projects at the same time and preventing cost overruns is an onerous task for any construction company. Proper planning and utilization of inventories can be a great boon for your success. This is possible with the construction ERP software. The software offers applications to categorize items according to their types and use, declare surplus availability, transfer goods to the required destination, budget validation and so on. This assists you to preclude the project’s time and cost overruns. Staff Accommodation: As the construction industry has to handle a lot of alteration in the employee count from project to project, arrangements have to be made for the accommodation for these employees. There are separate accommodation management software programs available, but investing in these for just one issue will not be a wise option. CEM AX Construct incorporates the benefits of accommodation management software with construction management software, providing double benefits for clients. The features of this module include maintaining the camps and food, camp daily register, tracking food and check-in/checkout transactions, and cost allocation for various projects. Plant, Machinery and Vehicles (PMV) Management: Plant, Machinery and vehicles form the major part of the construction budget. If the utilization and cost of these are planned correctly, it almost lays the path for your project’s success. The construction ERP software, assures the exact utilization and maintenance of PMV. This is possible through the various features available such as PMV request management, surplus declaration, stoppage request for rented properties in case of damage of the product, daily log maintenance and certifying the payments. Scaffolding: Scaffolding is an important activity in the construction project. Effective handling of human resources and scaffolding items are significant. The construction management software provides assistance to maintain the scaffolding items, raise purchase orders, compare purchase orders with actual invoices, declare surplus availability of materials, and dispose scraps as and when needed. With these features, it’s simple to handle the scaffolding process of the construction firm. Ready-Mix Concrete (RMV) Purchase: The purchased ready-mix concrete has to be maintained and utilized as per need to avoid wastage of resource. Ready mix concrete ERP can take care of this through the features of threshold declaration, purchase and transportation tracking and payment certifications. CEM AX Construct delivers the benefits of ready mix-concrete ERP along with the other modules explained. Other than these modules, the construction ERP software can also be customized according to the intricacy of your business. The above modules and features, evidently justifies the investment in this exceptional construction management software. With the user-friendly interface, efficient project management and improved quality of work the construction business can shine with this construction ERP Software!

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10 signs you should invest in ERP solution

Many organizations are under the assumption that only large and well established companies will be in need of an ERP solution. The fact is that, it is not the size of business which decides the need of an ERP, but processes and operations carried out in the business. Not all big companies run complicated processes and not all small and medium companies run simple processes. As the complications in your business management increases, investing in an ERP will be a right choice. Investing in an ERP solution offers momentous opportunities for the business growth, allowing you to streamline the operations and reduce the operating cost of the business. If you are confused when to invest in ERP, check for the situations below. If your organization suffers any of the following conditions, it indicates that it is time for you to invest in ERP.

1. Business is in the growth stage

Growing phase is the important period for any business. With the swelling number of processes and properties the management of resources and inventory will become tedious. But this becomes easy with the right ERP solution in place. ERP solution assists you to place the right quantity of resources at the right place and at the right time.

2. Business involves numerous processes and multiple software programs

Analyze the number of software programs used for your processes. If your inventory management department uses one software for recording demand and supply, and sales department uses a different software for recording the customer need and deadline, there will be a time delay in the processes. Investing in an ERP makes sure all your processes are running smoothly. The ERP solution integrates all the databases together and allows each responsible employee to access the information anytime. Thus, reliance on a single, accurate database will assist you in making better organizational decisions and shrink information jams.

3. Business information is not easily accessible

Information is the valuable source of making decision in any organization. The information should be available to the organization as a whole and not to the individuals alone. To find if you need an ERP, calculate the time in which you can get the information of your sales margin, demand, and other accounting details. If you are facing challenges to transfer a data, if some information is getting lost from time to time, it means you definitely need an ERP to have a smooth flow in your business.

4. Interrupted process flow in the organization

The process flow is the heart beat of any production company. When the process flow is disturbed, the production stops and the quantity of goods coming out will be reduced. Thus the demand cannot be met and you will give a chance for your competitor to rule the market. It is merely impossible to bring back the customers once lost. Investing in an ERP will ensure the maintenance of the process flow in the organization. Thus, you will be in a position to maintain a balance between supply and demand.

5. Accounting and other process are becoming tedious and unmanageable

The accounting department will be the first department to insist you the importance and need of implementing an ERP solution. If your accounting staffs spend a lot of time in extracting reports on financial conditions and they rely on paper work for invoices and sales orders the operational cost of the organization will shoot up. The process of reconciling the financial information at any point of time will be a tedious job involving numerous employee personnel, a week or even months of effort, and countless spreadsheets. Implementing an ERP will reduce the pressure and frustration on your manpower and they will be able to post information, rekey the figures and deliver even critical reports for organizational decision making without any time delay.

6. Multiple entries in the data system

When you maintain different software for the various processes of the organization, there is all possibility for the data to get duplicated once or twice. This led to confusions at the time of decision making. The time spent on making multiple entries and then removing duplicates is a loss for the organization. ERP system provides a single database to store all your information, thus avoiding duplicate entries into the system.

7. IT processes are time-consuming and highly complicated

Whatever the size of organization might be, maintaining IT resources is always a hard task. Updating the software, tracking the changes, customizing and integrating with the existing system may demand high financial resource than what the system is worth. Implementing an ERP solution will give you a new path to respond to the rapidly changing business environment. This will reduce the additional software implementation and up-gradation.

8. Depending on individuals

The production and operation of any organization should depend on processes and information, and not on any particular individual. The smooth production and functioning will be disturbed if only an individual has knowledge about the operation. Even the top management people will need occasional sick leaves and vacations. ERP solution will make the operations multi-threaded, making everybody know the exact process situation in the organization.

9. Operating cost exceeds your budget

When the resources of the organization are not administered properly, the running and operating cost of the business increases. For instance, multiple entries and hours of time spent on that and interrupted the process flow leads to additional cost to the organization. This will make the operating cost of the system to shoot up exceeding the budget planned. ERP system provides you exact reports on any deviation from the planned process and hence assists you to maintain the running and operating costs of your business.

10. Customer relationships are gloomy

If your customers are dissatisfied with your service, analyze the cause for the disappointment. An ERP solution will ensure timely delivery of goods and services to customers and maintains a good customer relationship. This also provides the production and shipment details to every department of the organization, so that the customer relationship executive will be able to handle the issues if any easily.

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CEM Dynamics AX PTO / Leave Module

Time off requests can be a frustrating task for both employees and employers alike. From the employee perspective sending emails or verbally asking for days off works until the email is lost or your boss forgets what day you requested off. From the employer perspective time off requests can be a nuisance when multiple members of your team ask for days off and you can’t remember who requested what days.

Communication is key for the success of any business and or employee/employer relationship, so why not communicate scheduled days off with ease using CEM’s PTO/Leave Module. CEM’s Leave module offers a simple to use solution for requesting, approving, and documenting time off. Its’ easy to use interface takes away the difficulty of scheduling and remembering requested days off.

Simple User Interface:

Using CEM’s PTO/Leave Module, we’ve made requesting and approving time off effortless. With our custom workflows, all PTO and Leave requests will flow directly from the leave request form to the earning statements eliminating the manual process of plugging in emailed time off requests. Our PTO and Leave module paired with Microsoft Dynamics AX PTO accrual feature makes managing time off as simple as pie.

Easy to use form to request time off:

Easy to document previous days off:

Easy to for management to approve:

When looking for simplified options for managing leave, look no further than CEM. For more detailed information on CEM Leave Management Solutions or for a demo or email

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The new AX 2012 R3 reality – are you ready??

Hyped after by many, at last here it is – the online launch of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3! Promisingly befitting and packed with an array of functionalities, Microsoft has scheduled to take-off the webinar of Dynamics AX 2012 R3 on April 10, 2014. A successful Microsoft Dynamics Partner, CEM is happy to have registered along with Microsoft for this AX 2012 R3 reality. A great piece of information, listed below is some of R3’s exceptional features that are unfound in R2;
  • It is no more a hassle to engage anytime, anywhere! With tools that come handy with the R3 release, it is absolutely easy to create seamless multichannel engagements, with the ability to handle multiple languages and storefronts
  • Be all set for deeply engaging, rich experiences! Customers’ being the drive for your business, one of the unique aspects of AX 2012 R3 closes the gap between the systems that capture the data and the people who can use it. Hence, it helps customers like you with meaningful services in a way that makes sense to you
  • Building profitable customer relationships made trouble-free! Making the R3 version even more exciting is the new social channels integration and ecommerce new features that serves you in new ways, including support for customer-specific pricing, wish lists, and unassisted sales
  •  A huge range of offer choices made available to you! With new and integrated Warehouse and Transportation Management capabilities you readily get the exact fulfilment choices that you wanted. You can even quickly act on your changing requirements with a few clicks of a button!
  • Share highly-responsive, timely delivery insights instantly! R3’s integrated warehousing and transportation capabilities helps you gain insight into your global supply chain in no time
  • Innovated products and services easily! With AX 2012 R3, you have enough insight and flexibility in order to drive innovation to your products and services, thereby improving your business operations
A threshold for announcing newer capabilities and to deliver amazing customer experiences, the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 online launch is exactly the place to position yourself! The multitude of amazing customer-centric features of R3 is certain to make waves. Member of Microsoft Partner Council (MPC), Partner Advisory Board (PAB), Enterprise Product Group (EPG), and Microsoft Dynamics AX Council Program, CEM trusts Microsoft’s dedication in responding to the fast-changing business conditions and newer opportunities. To top it all, CEM feels great to assist and guide you through the launch of AX 2012 R3, Webinar! Feel free to get back to us if you want further assistance or if you would like to know more of the all amazing AX 2013 R3. Wait no more!!! Your registration is just clicks away… Register right now alongside Microsoft and start learning how to streamline your business in an enriched way…

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