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CEM Dynamics AX PTO / Leave Module

Time off requests can be a frustrating task for both employees and employers alike. From the employee perspective sending emails or verbally asking for days off works until the email is lost or your boss forgets what day you requested off. From the employer perspective time off requests can be a nui... [More]

Hire to Retire with CEM HR and Payroll for Dynamics AX

The hire to retire process for employees in AX can be, at times, too complex and others too simplistic. CEM’s add-ons enhance and automate a lot of the processes involved with your employees. While planning for next year’s manpower needs, using CEM’s Manpower Planning, you will be able to view the a... [More]

3rd Party Payroll vs. In house Dynamics AX Payroll

We all know how frustrating entering time sheets and processing payroll can be. When using third party payroll companies sometimes the process can be even harder. The process of gathering time sheets entering them manually into an excel and trying to upload the excel into a third party software can ... [More]

Grievance request in Dynamics AX

Employers know that employee dissatisfaction is a potential source of trouble, whether it is expressed or not. Hidden dissatisfaction grows and creates reactions that may be completely out of proportion to the original concerns. Therefore, it is important that dissatisfaction be given an outlet. Gri... [More]

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is a part of the Enterprise Portal in Dynamics AX. ESS is a very convenient tool for both the employee and the human resources department, as it allows the employee to take control over his personal information, his benefits, time sheet, payroll, skills and education, etc... [More]

CEM @ AXUG Summit 2016

Join CEM and your Microsoft Dynamics® AX peers, including Microsoft MVPs, subject matter experts, and Microsoft staff at AXUG Summit 2016 taking place October 11-14 in Tampa, FL.AXUG Summit delivers the can’t-miss annual conference for users of Microsoft Dynam... [More]

Google Analytics integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Marketing automation is an influential tool for products as it allows managing all the data and to create a rich profile of their spectators. It also uses targeted messages to drive conversions.Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and to mea... [More]

CEM Recruiting and Offer Letters in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Continuous growth of your business, typically depends upon your HR hiring systems. Often, recruitment solutions available do not meet the desired result due to a lack of intuition and support. The key towards recruiting the right candidate for the right position lies in acquiring new talent that syn... [More]

Onboarding Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics AX

In Microsoft Dynamics AX hiring an employee can be a long and complicated process. Many fields need to be filled and they are in various places. If one is missed then there could be a lot of complications in the future, such as when payroll is run. This can then lead to a timely and compli... [More]

Manpower Planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Why Manpower Planning?Manpower Planning is simply ensuring that a company has the right amount of workers at the right places to meet the current and future needs of the business. It involves review and analyzing your current manpower needs as well as forecasting the future manpower needs of the com... [More]

CEM Leave Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Why Leave Management?Leave Management: It is an important aspect, since it is directly linked to HR & Payroll management. An organization, which does not have a streamlined process for leave management, can face issues and employees also get demotivated.It can be quite time-consuming process for... [More]

CEM Certified Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX

What is Certified Payroll and Prevailing Wages?In USA, government projects or project subsidized by the government are laws dictating, that is how much the workers involved must be paid. These workers are typically contractors or subcontractors involved in construction. When a company pays there emp... [More]

CEM 9/80 Payroll

There are many different types of work schedules. One such schedule is called a 9/80.A 9/80 schedule is defined by two consecutive “Workweeks” schedule where employees work eight days for nine hours, one day for eight hours, and take the last day off. All together is called the Calendar week.Compani... [More]

CEM Applicant Portal Integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Recruitment is one of the most important functions in today’s business.  You need to beat your competition to attract, recruit and hire top talent for your organization. Almost all organizations need an applicant tracking system. To facilitate this CEM has implemented the Applicant Portal.CEM A... [More]

Managing Service Awards for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Why Service Award?Your organization is built on the efforts of the men and women who have dedicated years to its success. Express appreciation for their efforts with personalized service awardsA service award might be issued at different periods/intervals of 5 years or 10 years and so fort... [More]

Managing Recognition Requests in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Why Employee Recognition?Employees like to feel valued and appreciated for what they do.  When they start to work for an organization, they like to feel like they are part of a team and family. Often, they spend more time with coworkers than most other people in their lives.Impor... [More]

Performance Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Why Performance Management?Performance management is the process of setting goals and reviewing the process with a supervisor to assess the progress towards these goals.A good performance management system can increase efficiency, productivity, accuracy, accountability and much more.A poorly structu... [More]

Off-boarding with Dynamics AX

What is Off-boarding?Organization is an ever living entity. But an employee is not. A person in any organization has to leave the organization one day.The reasons for parting ways can be many, but the process can be simplified with “CEM Off-boarding Wizard”Off-boarding is a process by which the... [More]

Compensation Mass Update in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

 Compensation is a critical and essential process in every organization. As an organization grows, compensation update becomes tedious, time consuming and often error prone, during salary processing.CEM has got this ‘Compensation mass update’ functionality in its HR add-on for Dynamics AX.Fe... [More]

Simplify Your Onboard and Offboard Process

Mid-sized and large-sized corporations have to deal day-in and day-out with employee transitions, recruitment and exits. The process of onboarding a new employee, transferring between departments and offboarding becomes a time-consuming matter which constitutes additional man hours and personnel.In ... [More]

CEM Applicant Portal

How CEM Application Portal gives flexibility to the recruitment and hiring managers and how it will follow an applicant through the recruitment and hiring process.There are certain common pain points for Recruiters and HR ManagersThe Pain Points we see for Recruiters areRecruiter... [More]

Sage ERP X3 VS Microsoft Dynamics® AX : An Overview

CRM, BOM, order management, sales management, material planning, shop management, accounts payable or accounts receivable are few of the similar features with Dynamics AX and Sage ERP X3. The difference between these two ERP solutions can be analysed only when it comes to managing warehouse, this specific feature is best defined in Dynamics AX. On the other hand, Sage ERP X3 is best known for its CRM functionalities. [More]

Does Microsoft Dynamics® AX give a good career path? CEM enables it.

As a Dynamics AX Consultant there are various paths you can take in your career. You can work for a Gold Partner, an end client, or a Tier 1 Consultancy. So how would you choose which path to take? What are the central points of interest of working for an end client over a consultancy? This article will look to handle those issues and encourage you to guide out a career in the Dynamics AX channel. [More]

Cloud ERP a Potential Threat?

Conventional ERP methods are Cloud Computing? The most horrendous question to be answered. Though the potential threats are equal in their own ways, the risk factor that involves in the system differ. The cloud ERP is risky business and involves high levels of security issues when compared to the conventional method. [More]

Key Components of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX, previously called Axpata is the most reliable and agile platform among the Microsoft Dynamics suite of ERP products. Dynamics AX has been designed specifically operations across various industries like manufacturing, distribution, retail, service and public sector organizations. [More]

Common Mistakes while Implementing an ERP

Time and money vested in a good ERP is a valuable asset invested which streamlines workflow and help manage cost management and set right a poorly organized enterprise. Experts reckon that the circumvention of few common mistakes implementing an ERP can uplift the success ratio of a company. [More]

Is ERP a good career?

Is ERP a good career? The demand for ERP consultants are rapidly increasing due to the requirements of the hugely potential industries. So let’s have a sneak-peek into the roles and pay. [More]

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a dominant Enterprise Resource planning solution that offers tools to manage the entire activities of an organization from supply chain, procurement to human resources, financials and projects. [More]

Do small businesses need ERP software?

People generally have a wrong assumption that ERP solutions are meant only for large and well-developed organizations. But, the fact is that, it is not the size of the organization which decides the need of ERP system but the complexities of business processes within the organization. [More]

5 Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, informed decisions become a part of day to day activities. This turns the tools in your workplace effective by providing certain useful features. With the business intelligence potential of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX, the key issues that need immediate attention are communicated in no time, either through mails or through notification in desktop to the users. [More]

Improve Employee retention with a Payroll System using Payroll Software Module

Improve employee retention with a payroll system using payroll module : The Payroll process is an influencing factor in gaining satisfied and motivated employees in an organization. Payroll systems are comprehensive and flexible solutions that assist in consolidation, integration and simplification of the complex business processes. A payroll system automates the overall payroll process from capturing of shift cycle and calculating efficient attendance reports to managing the talents of resources. [More]