September 2014
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5 Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, informed decisions become a part of day to day activities. This turns the tools in your workplace effective by providing certain useful features. With the business intelligence potential of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX, the key issues that need immediate attention are communicated in no time, either through mails or through notification in desktop to the users. [More]

Improve Employee retention with a Payroll System using Payroll Software Module

Improve employee retention with a payroll system using payroll module : The Payroll process is an influencing factor in gaining satisfied and motivated employees in an organization. Payroll systems are comprehensive and flexible solutions that assist in consolidation, integration and simplification of the complex business processes. A payroll system automates the overall payroll process from capturing of shift cycle and calculating efficient attendance reports to managing the talents of resources. [More]