3rd Party Payroll vs In house Dynamics Payroll

3rd Party Payroll vs In house Dynamics Payroll

We all know how frustrating entering time sheets and processing payroll can be. When using third party payroll companies sometimes the process can be even harder. The process of gathering time sheets entering them manually into an excel and trying to upload the excel into a third party software can drive you crazy along with learning to be-friend the infamous “loading screen”.

Efficiency in the payroll department is key to any organization. So why not simplify the payroll process. Third party solutions offer you a “simple” solution but you end up inputting all the data manually for the process to work elongating the time it takes from time sheet to check. The simplest way to shorten this process is to bring payroll in house. CEM’s Payroll add-ons can do just that.

Our fully customizable timesheet and payroll.

Using Microsoft Dynamics payroll and CEM’s add-on. We’ve brought payroll back in house and made the payroll procedure simpler than ever before. With CEM’s Payroll add-on, all the data from your time sheets flow into the payroll module eliminating the manual task of “time sheet entry.” Through workflows payroll progresses right from time sheets to earning statements then pay statements. CEM offers add-ons that include Project Payroll, Certified Payroll, 9-80 Payroll & Union Payroll.

A standard Payroll Run in Dynamics :

When looking at 3rd Party Payroll solutions vs. in-house solutions. The answer should be clear. For more detailed information on CEM Payroll solutions or for a demo visit www.cembs.com or email info@cembs.com