Assess Business Processes with ERP

ERP process

Assess Business Processes with ERP

ERP process

ERP implementation isn’t just an exciting advent in the life of your company.  It’s an opportunity to assess business practices with ERP.  Because you’re integrating and automating, this is your chance to shed processes implemented in the past that spoke to technology which no longer serves you.

In this post, we’re going to examine how to select processes ripe for an update and assess them under the ERP umbrella.

Standardization and change

One of ERP’s most attractive features is that it provides streamlining standardization across inter-departmental workflows, processes and documentation.

With ERP, you’ll enjoy enhanced transparency and speed for activities like purchase orders and requisitions, scheduling production and accounts payable.  Workflow becomes seamless and integrated, making the common goal everyone’s working toward the guiding light of your operations.

With ERP, you can also move closer to your goal of a paperless office, due to its exceptional ability to link a scanned document with purchase orders, invoices or proofs of delivery.  This streamlines workflow and increases accessibility to document.

And you get to reduce paper in the workplace.

Every department in your company, when deploying ERP, report and measure on the same accounts, creating expedited reporting speed and more consistency.

What and where to assess

Giving your procurement processes the once over is your first order of business.  Include every link in the chain, from requisitions to inventory to accounts payable, prepaids and fixed assets.

Sales is another key area your ERP can help you modernize.  From quotes to orders to invoicing, accounts receivable and banking, you’ll find a friend in ERP’s superior system integration model.

Your financial tracking systems, including core financials, budgeting and reporting will greatly benefit from the implementation of ERP and its ability to push old processes into the 21st Century.

ERP can also help in Human Resources and managing your workforce, with fine analytical data readily available to gauge performance indicators and infrastructural data like employees per square foot.

The ERP advantage

Enterprise Resources Planning is the door to greater efficiencies throughout your organization.  With one integrated system, your company is one step closer to deploying data to improve communication, expedite deliverables and create the conditions necessary to move your operation to the next level.

ERP is a 360° solution that integrates every vital function you can envision.  Cash flow is optimized when you assess business processes with ERP, integrating and streamlining them to more effectively monitor profitability and expenses.

Once your processes are brought under the ERP umbrella, you’ll immediately see a shift in the way your company does business.  Taking care to onboard employees mindfully, your finely-tuned machine is as simple as assessing the key areas mentioned above to take full advantage of ERP’s many benefits.

CEM Business Solutions

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