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Cloud ERP a Potential Threat?

Conventional ERP methods are Cloud Computing? The most horrendous question to be answered. Though the potential threats are equal in their own ways, the risk factor that involves in the system differ. The cloud ERP is risky business and involves high levels of security issues when compared to the conventional method. [More]

Key Components of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX, previously called Axpata is the most reliable and agile platform among the Microsoft Dynamics suite of ERP products. Dynamics AX has been designed specifically operations across various industries like manufacturing, distribution, retail, service and public sector organizations. [More]

Common Mistakes while Implementing an ERP

Time and money vested in a good ERP is a valuable asset invested which streamlines workflow and help manage cost management and set right a poorly organized enterprise. Experts reckon that the circumvention of few common mistakes implementing an ERP can uplift the success ratio of a company. [More]

Is ERP a good career?

Is ERP a good career? The demand for ERP consultants are rapidly increasing due to the requirements of the hugely potential industries. So let’s have a sneak-peek into the roles and pay. [More]