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How to fix payroll posting issue, if ledger dimension missing in AD(Accounting Distribution)

When you try to post the payroll financial posting you might get an error that ledger dimension is invalid or missing for accounting distribution.Go to accounting distribution table and verify ledger dimension field is updated.If not make sure to update from Worker Default dimension and Corresponding Earning Code Ledger Dimension i.e MainAccountTo combine Default Dimension and Ledger Dimension you will need DimensionDefaultingService Class and Method ServiceCreateLedgerDimensionSourceDocumentHeader Recid can be found in accounting distribution table.Sample script to update dimensions.static void UpdateLedgerDimension(Args _args){PayrollPayStatement payrollpaystatement;PayrollpaystatementLine payrollpaystatementLine;PayrollPayStatementEarningLine payrollPayStatementEarningLine;AccountingDistribution accountingDistribution;SourceDocumentHeader recid can be found in the accounting distribution table.ttsBegin;while select forUpdate * from accountingDistributionwhere accountingDistribution.SourceDocumentHeader == ‘AccDistSourceDocRecID’&& accountingDistribution.LedgerDimension == 0join PayrollPayStatementwhere PayrollPayStatement.SourceDocumentHeader == accountingDistribution.SourceDocumentHeader&& PayrollPayStatement.Worker == HcmWorker::findByPersonnelNumber(‘yourempid’).RecIdjoin payrollPayStatementEarningLinewhere payrollPayStatementEarningLine.SourceDocumentLine == accountingDistribution.SourceDocumentLine&& payrollPayStatementEarningLine.PayStatement == PayrollPayStatement.RecId{if(payrollPayStatementEarningLine.EarningCode){accountingDistribution.LedgerDimension =        PayrollEarningCodeAccountingRule::getEarningCodeLedgerDimension(                                                            CompanyInfo::current(),payrollPayStatementEarningLine.EarningCode);accountingDistribution.LedgerDimension = DimensionDefaultingService::serviceCreateLedgerDimension( accountingDistribution.LedgerDimension,HcmEmployment::findByWorkerLegalEntity(PayrollPayStatement.Worker,CompanyInfo::current()).DefaultDimension);}accountingDistribution.update();}ttsCommit;}For further details, visit or write to We will be glad to talk to you about our services and happy customers.

Off-boarding with Dynamics AX

What is Off-boarding?Organization is an ever living entity. But an employee is not. A person in any organization has to leave the organization one day.The reasons for parting ways can be many, but the process can be simplified with “CEM Off-boarding Wizard”Off-boarding is a process by which the employer and employee interests are taken care of, at the time of separation. This includes final settlements, exit interview, disconnecting company access to exit employee, returning company assets and more.Importance of Off-boarding processOff-boarding process is more important than it is perceived.   Many organizations fail to remove the sign in access leaving out open security loopholes. Some of the off boarding components are:  Disabling network access  VPN\Intranet access  Security\ID badge recovery  Return loaned assets like  Mobile\Cell phones  Laptop  Vehicle  Accommodation  Tool kits etc       Shared accounts (shared passwords, single user internal systems and so on) will also need to have their passwords  updated to prevent breaches  Make sure your organization charts, collaterals and directories are up to date, with the employee’s replacement  details included to ensure a smooth transition Revoking of signing rights, if applicable (in banks etc.) also forms a part of this procedure. This can effectively  ensure that the separated employee no longer has access to confidential company information or to physical assets. Off-boarding process also ensures initiating and receiving knowledge transfer from the outgoing employee Feedback methods such as exit interviews throw light on areas that need attentionOff-boarding strategy is as critical as your onboarding strategy.  This means devoting similar effort and resources.Typical ChecklistHR ChecklistEmployee ChecklistProactively communicate with the employeeSend resignation letterInitiate off-boarding process to manage departure logisticsSettling petty cash advancesCreate a smooth transition planKnowledge TransferSay goodbye with a smile & ensure a smooth last dayReturning ID cards, Keys, Company credit cards, mobiles, vehicle etc.Manage final departure details & close loose ends after departureProviding forwarding addresses for future communications CEM Off-boarding WizardThe wizard can integrate directly with the standard termination feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.           Single automated process that brings all the Off-boarding procedures, in one wizardHelps retrieval of physical inventory, separation of confidential product access/information and all off-boarding related activitiesAutomatically picks the items assigned based on the employee categoryYou can add additional activities if requiredFollowing features are added to Dynamics AX by the CEM Off-boarding WizardOption of doing full and final settlement at willRevoking of joining perks (relocation, signing bonus etc.) if applicableIncluding PTO cash out during the final settlement Click Finish to complete the Off-Board wizardWhen the final settlement or payment happens, it will automatically generate the deduction\contribution in earning statement.In Conclusion, CEM Off-boarding wizard automates the off-boarding activity process and stream lines the off-boarding procedures. A company should show the same amount of importance to the off-boarding procedures as they do to their on-boarding procedures.For further details visit or write to

Compensation Mass Update in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

 Compensation is a critical and essential process in every organization. As an organization grows, compensation update becomes tedious, time consuming and often error prone, during salary processing.CEM has got this ‘Compensation mass update’ functionality in its HR add-on for Dynamics AX.Features of this module:         Identify the department         Type of compensation         Applicable date         Retro computationCEM’s Compensation Mass Update module enables Payroll department with a quick and easy way to mass update employees’ salaries. Typical process: Once the compensation change is approved, the module will automatically push this update to the worker profile and consequentially payroll. No manual updates are to be done by the HR or Payroll departments. These review and updates can be done on an individual, department, division, or all employee level.  When using Compensation Mass Update the security and setup of the module will be set that a department or division manager will only see their own subordinates. The subordinates will be listed with their current salary as well as the date this salary was issued and what type of plan it is. From here a manager can choose to increase their employee’s salary by a flat amount or a percentage. They may even leave certain member of the team with no increase. The system will then calculate the new salary.Once all the employees are reviewed this compensation update can go through a workflow. This workflow is completely customizable and can have as many people as the organization wishes. This will ensure that all the workers increase as appropriately discussed and approved. Once the compensation update has been approved, it will push the new rates to each workers profile. When the next payroll is run it will take these new rates.The final feature of the Compensation Mass Update module is the Employee Action document. Once the compensation update has been approved a manager can come back to the module and select employee action for an employee.This will launch a document with the employee’s details as well as describing the rate change. If a company so desires this can be printed and presented to the employee to get a signed acknowledgement of the rate change.That’s it for the CEM Compensation Mass Update Module. Have a nice day!For further details visit or write to 

CEM Applicant Portal

How CEM Application Portal gives flexibility to the recruitment and hiring managers and how it will follow an applicant through the recruitment and hiring process.There are certain common pain points for Recruiters and HR ManagersThe Pain Points we see for Recruiters areRecruiters often have a hard time finding multiple application resources and being able to narrow down where the most hires are coming from within the sources. Managing application process and seeing an applicant thru to hire is a tedious process. There is lots of back and forth in it and sometimes it is hard to keep up. Handling unsolicited applications is another pain point. There people who just want to work with the company, but there may or may not be a position available. They don’t know what the position they are applying for or the hiring manager doesn’t know for what position the applicant has applied for.The Pain Points we see for HR Managers areGathering information to make the decision for hiring or benefit information or compensation information. Managing Change within the organization Maintaining information about the workersCEM Applicant Portal takes care of all these sets of pain points CEM Applicant Portal an add-on to the Microsoft Dynamics AX wipes all the pain points faced by the Recruiters and the HR Managers.The CEM Applicant portal also work as a Standalone “Applicant Portal” which helps you to Create and broadcast JobsCustomize dynamic Recruitment WorkflowReview the Resumes Schedule InterviewsUpdate the Status of the workflow to the applicants and as wells to the ManagementRecruiters and HR Managers play critical role in hiring the right candidate and building high performance teams.Now you can create and broadcast jobs and broadcast them on your corporate portal or third party recruitment portals to bring them back to the job posting section.Convert the free form resumes into a structured format which enables the information for storage and reporting with resume parsing feature.Once this is done, you can set up a customized, dynamic workflow to take your applicants thru the series of steps involved in the recruitment processAs and when the candidates move from one stage to the next stage, an automatic alert can be sent to them, thus enabling you to be build relationships even before they join your company. Now CEM Applicant portal provides you Advanced Skill search options to look for candidates with particular certificate or educational requirement. Furthermore you can specify whether the requirement is optional, rank the relevance of the requirement and do a reverse search to list out candidates who don’t meet the skill search options.Generate Customized reports with CEM Application portal. Want to know the headcount of people who have applied for jobs from a particular location, or number of people who have applied for particular posts? With CEM Application portal you can use tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis services to create custom reports based on the data received thru the CEM Application PortalThe CEM Applicant portal gives you one single platform to take out the complexities out of your organization’s hiring process liberating you to concentrate on tomorrow.