Establishing a Successful Communication Strategy for Your ERP Implementation

young professionals looking at the computer

Establishing a Successful Communication Strategy for Your ERP Implementation

young professionals looking at the computer

One of the most enduring truths about human nature is that most of us don’t relish change.  There’s an implicit existential threat which causes some to react negatively when change is proposed – even if the change is positive and constructive.

Just add office politics!

Establishing a successful communication strategy for your ERP implementation is crucial, for this very reason.  You are “romancing” your people with the promise of systems integration that they may not have a strong conceptual grasp of.

You need their buy-in for ERP to be rolled out successfully and that’s why a strong communication strategy must be in place from ground zero of the implementation process.

Branded communications

If your ERP implementation had a texture, a flavor, and a mission, how would you express it?  This is one of the key elements of effectively communicating its value to your staff.

Creating a project brand means crafting your belief in ERP into something people can easily wrap their heads around.  Emphasize the opportunities offered by ERP to create processes which offer global accessibility and eliminate the silo effect that too often bogs operations down.

How would you succinctly describe the power of ERP?  “Better. Faster. Stronger”?  “Getting our ducks in a row”?  Use your imagination to create a project brand that speaks to people where they stand and emphasizes the central benefits of implementation.


Generate excitement and buy-in with one common portal to disseminate information about the project.  Here, you can post information about training, details on roll out and events along the way.

The more your staff knows about the project and its importance to the organization’s future success, the more likely they are to come onboard willingly and with a positive attitude.

A project website makes ERP Implementation the star of the show and a topic of conversation among your people.  Include an FAQ that answers some of the more common questions about what ERP means, organizationally.  People will have a lot of questions and you can anticipate at least some of them.

Town halls

An important element of managing organizational change is creating a sense of community.  You can build that with regular town hall-style meetings that bring your employees together in common purpose.

Celebrate milestones in the process with question and answer sessions, attended by the executive tier and technical team.  You’re instigating buy-in by inviting your people to participate.

Seal the deal by concluding these meetings with something fun, like pizza or a BBQ.  Social time gives your employees an opportunity to talk about what’s going on with the project.

Establishing a Successful Communication Strategy for Your ERP Implementation is as easy as inviting CEM Business Solutions to your implementation party.

CEM Business Solutions

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