Ensure Your ERP System is Reducing Friction Along Your Customer’s Journey

Ensure Your ERP System is Reducing Friction Along Your Customer’s Journey

Where your vital human resources meet the customer is the very nexus of business success.  Customer-facing employees are given a great opportunity to build client relationships with the superior service an ERP system can facilitate.

But before that can happen, you need to understand the customer journey, track it and use the information to ensure your ERP is providing the ideal environment to foster healthy client relationships.

Let’s explore how to ensure your ERP system is reducing friction along your customer’s journey.

Friction irritates

Friction doesn’t just slow things done, it irritates.  Customers in today’s technological setting aren’t content with “just a minute”.  For the most part, they want it now (or yesterday).

Friction gets in the way of the contemporary demand for instant gratification and rapid-fire fulfilment.  Being put on hold.  Being told by an employee that they’ll find out and get back to them and other types of friction on the customer journey, are irritants that can damage client relationships and cost you valuable sales.

So, reducing friction is all about maintaining your position in the market, due to intentionally fostering a customer journey which is as smooth and supple as possible.

The roadmap

Customer journey with toucpoints

Part of the work involved in ERP system implementation is knowing where your customers have been and where they’re going.  There’s no better way to do that than to poll existing customers on existing areas of friction and how they believe they might be reduced.

The integration of front office and back office are also critical to success in this regard, as that’s where communication can break down, leading to client frustration.

A good ERP system should be able to tell employees what’s in the warehouse from their work stations.  They shouldn’t have to call to find that out.  ERP should also be able to provide customers with pricing in real time, without needing to ask the customer who’s inquiring to wait on hold.

An important question to ask in the implementation process is whether ERP is going to be able to streamline client-facing functions like questions, returned goods and issues.

You customers are served by integration which eliminates silos, detaching them from their individual functions and placing them all in a customer-friendly, accessible system that builds confidence in you and your goods and services.

Integration serves you and the client

Breaking down information silos between departments and functions is one of the greatest benefits of ERP and this serves both you and the client.

With ERP in place, the use of systems which serve only one sector of the customer journey is no longer necessary.  All end users will have access to all the information they need without picking up a phone or sending an email.  There’s global access which saves time on both ends, reducing friction and lending greater fluidity to all aspects of your customer relationships.

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