ERP System Implementation Success: Why You Should Prep Your Team

ERP System Implementation Success: Why You Should Prep Your Team

On the cusp of ERP system implementation?  Then we don’t need to tell you how amazing enterprise resource planning is.  Every facet of your business can be aligned and integrated with ERP, from inventory to payroll to business process management and financial matters.

But one crucial aspect of ERP system implementation is preparation.  Specifically, you need to prep your team.  No last-minute training sessions.  No unveiling of the finished product before eyes who’ve never seen any of the systems components until it’s in place.

Your team needs to be brought into the process at the ground level, to gain critical understanding of ERP and how it relates to their job functions.  Getting them engaged and keeping them on board from inception is the key to ERP system implementation success.

ERP modules

A new language.  A new landscape

Implementing ERP demands that your employees learn a new language in a new landscape.  Layouts are different.  Organizational functions are different.

Imagine being plunked down in a foreign country.  You don’t know where you are.  You’re miles from home and you don’t speak the language.  Quite an alienating experience, right?

And alienation isn’t your organization’s best look.

Onboarding employees as you build allows familiarity to be established.  People fear what they don’t know, so allow them to get to know ERP and to make friends with it.

The big picture

Going beyond the system’s functions for specific roles is entirely necessary to ERP system implementation success, as this allows your team to get a look at how processes relate elsewhere in the system.

Let them see where data is coming from to understand the chain of events that leads it to their role.  Also, familiarizing them with the fullness of the process lets them understand how their output is viewed by others, as it moves forward.

Seeing the big picture is the best way for end users to experience their location in that picture in its context.

Your company will be re-visioning familiar processes to align with the new reality.  Those processes should be familiar to your employees well before rollout.

A clear picture

Being clear about ERP implementation and how it will improve overall operations is another key facet of preparing your team.  From day one, if you’ve made the decision to implement, then your rationale for doing so must be shared succinctly and clearly with those who are going to be using the system.

Whether you’re implementing ERP to gain a firmer grasp of financial functions, or compel greater organizational transparency, your team needs to know that.  They need this information so team members can re-position themselves professionally and psychologically within the incoming system.

We say it often, but we can’t say it often enough – businesses are people, because people are the driving force in making technological change successful.  Prepping your team is a process which should run parallel to ERP implementation, for that reason.

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