Grievance request in Dynamics AX

Grievance request in Dynamics AX

Employers know that employee dissatisfaction is a potential source of trouble, whether it is expressed or not. Hidden dissatisfaction grows and creates reactions that may be completely out of proportion to the original concerns. Therefore, it is important that dissatisfaction be given an outlet. Grievance request helps employees to escalate their dissatisfaction/complaints against someone.

To ease this process, CEM has developed a grievance request process. This process allows workers to file grievances and for the management it facilitates to review and approve them. Grievance request can also be raised through the Enterprise portal.

Features of the Grievance Module in Dynamics AX

This module seamlessly integrates grievance requests into AX giving an abundance of flexibility to both the employees and managers. Any employee can capitulate a grievance request against any other employee. It permits the employee to air their grumble without any hesitant.

Typical process

Employers can classify and maintain the different types of grievances that may occur in the organization. Typically, these parameters are set before the company starts to manage the grievances. These parameters can be changed at any point of time.

Next setup to maintain is the Final actions. The Final Action refers to the culminating decision of the HR Manager in response to an employee’s misconduct.

Warning letters can be issued to employees if a grievance request is approved. This warning letter will be generated in MS Word format using pre-defined templates. These templates can be set up in the HCM add-on parameters.

Submitting a grievance request is quick and easy.

To submit a request, an employee simply has to click Grievance. The employee must select the employee’s name against whom the request should be raised and the required request or comments. Once this is done the employee can submit the request.

Once the request has been submitted, it will go through a workflow and a notification will be sent to the approver. An approver can easily review and approve the requests from an email or the Employee Portal.

With this module, it is also easy for management to keep track of the all grievance requests.

It is important to be able to track the grievance request to see if there is a problem with an employee. This is possible with the grievance request history function. This function will show the history of a particular employee.

A pop up window will show the entire history of that employee and if any grievances are raised against them.

And that is all there is to it! A simple function in Microsoft Dynamics AX that could bring a huge impact in your company.

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