Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics SL to Dynamics 365: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics SL to Dynamics 365: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is here and it’s making waves.  If you’re working with Dynamics SL, what does it mean for you?

It means a lot of things, especially if you’re contemplating migrating from Microsoft Dynamics SL to Dynamics 365.  What you need to know, first and foremost, is that migration is well worth the effort, as 365 is a game changer.

Dynamics 365 goes well beyond the functions most commonly associated with it – ERP and accounting.  It’s a whole new way of working.  And that brings with it an experience that’s true across multiple platforms, including mobile.

With customer insights accessible at the touch of a button, you’ll be a more nimble, responsive organization, once you’ve made the leap.

A worthwhile leap

Trading up to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an opportunity.  It’s an opportunity for you to drill down through your operations to the germ of why you’re in business in the first place.

Simplifying your processes to serve that “why” is a good place to start and one which will reveal numerous processes that have become unwieldy and bolt on solutions that are bogging you down and not serving your goals.

Working through the cloud, the Dynamics 365 environment allows you to dispense with expensive hardware upgrades, because its scalable, offering you tremendous flexibility.  You’ll get better data security and lower maintenance, without investing in costly hardware.

Summing it up in 3 bullet points

If you’re still mulling it over, these 3 benefits should help make up your mind.

  1. Processes are optimized. With information integration, you become nimbler and communication increases.  Bottlenecks end.
  2. Security is enhanced. Security is a huge concern for almost everyone these days.  With Dynamics 365, your security measures can be tailored to your needs and brought into compliance, for those processing credit card payments and other information protected by privacy legislation.
  3. Every function of your operation becomes more manageable in the Dynamics 365 environment, from client-facing concerns, to data to IT costs.

And if you’re still not ready, you can remain in the Dynamics SL environment until you are, with incrementally rolled out solutions that test the waters.  It’s one way to convince you of the superior value of Dynamics 365!

Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics SL to Dynamics 365 is a move you’re ripe to make.  With the right communications strategy and a clear idea of how you’re going to optimize your current processes, you’ll be amazed by the revolution this latest offering can create in your business.

CEM Business Solutions

If you’re nervous about making the shift with the support of only your IT people, you’re not alone.  CEM Business Solutions has been serving businesses like yours since 2003, with solutions tailored to their needs. Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes us the smart choice for making the leap.

We apply critical business process areas for customers all over the world, across multiple industries.  Ready to make the leap?  Contact us to find out how CEMBS can help you do it.