CEM 9/80 Payroll

CEM 9/80 Payroll

There are many different types of work schedules. One such schedule is called a 9/80.

A 9/80 schedule is defined by two consecutive “Workweeks” schedule where employees work eight days for nine hours, one day for eight hours, and take the last day off. All together is called the Calendar week.

Companies offering this schedule are becoming more and more popular lately, as it offers more Work Life Balance.

Employees working on the 9/80 schedule has three types of working days

  • Normal day that consists of 9 hours
  • Short day that consists of 8 working hours
  • Off day

Usually, companies divide their employees into two or more groups, in order to keep their business running from Monday to Friday. Based on company works practice, they will call it as Workweek or Calendar week.

The below is an example of a 9/80 calendar week.

CEM Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX, will support to run 9/80 payroll also. Basically CEM Payroll add-on is a designed solution that satisfy companies who offer this kind of schedule, by integrating the “Project timesheet” with the payroll, and thus, offering an effective way to calculate the payroll and track employees’ schedule and attendance in one place.

CEM 9/80 Payroll also allows the system to calculate any kind of overtime. Having two options for calculating overtime

  • Any hours worked exceeding 40 hours, will be calculated as Weekly Overtime
  • Any hours worked exceeding the day wise initial schedule will be treated as Daily overtime

 By using the “Timesheet” functionality from the “Project Management” module, and integrating it with the “Payroll” module, CEM 9/80 payroll will guarantee an accurate and error-free payroll calculation, for all employees. No matter about their status (exempt or non-exempt) and no matter about, what State laws applies to them (California or non-California employees).

CEM 9/80 payroll, is completely integrated to Microsoft Dynamics AX, and made it possible for companies who offers a 9/80 schedule to calculate an automated, accurate and error-free payroll in one click.

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