CEM Applicant Portal

CEM Applicant Portal

How CEM Application Portal gives flexibility to the recruitment and hiring managers and how it will follow an applicant through the recruitment and hiring process.

There are certain common pain points for Recruiters and HR Managers

The Pain Points we see for Recruiters are
  • Recruiters often have a hard time finding multiple application resources and being able to narrow down where the most hires are coming from within the sources. 
  • Managing application process and seeing an applicant thru to hire is a tedious process. There is lots of back and forth in it and sometimes it is hard to keep up. 
  • Handling unsolicited applications is another pain point. There people who just want to work with the company, but there may or may not be a position available. They don’t know what the position they are applying for or the hiring manager doesn’t know for what position the applicant has applied for.
The Pain Points we see for HR Managers are
  • Gathering information to make the decision for hiring or benefit information or compensation information. 
  • Managing Change within the organization 
  • Maintaining information about the workers
CEM Applicant Portal takes care of all these sets of pain points 

CEM Applicant Portal an add-on to the Microsoft Dynamics AX wipes all the pain points faced by the Recruiters and the HR Managers.

The CEM Applicant portal also work as a Standalone “Applicant Portal” which helps you to 
  • Create and broadcast Jobs
  • Customize dynamic Recruitment Workflow
  • Review the Resumes 
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Update the Status of the workflow to the applicants and as wells to the Management
Recruiters and HR Managers play critical role in hiring the right candidate and building high performance teams.

Now you can create and broadcast jobs and broadcast them on your corporate portal or third party recruitment portals to bring them back to the job posting section.

Convert the free form resumes into a structured format which enables the information for storage and reporting with resume parsing feature.

Once this is done, you can set up a customized, dynamic workflow to take your applicants thru the series of steps involved in the recruitment process

As and when the candidates move from one stage to the next stage, an automatic alert can be sent to them, thus enabling you to be build relationships even before they join your company. 

Now CEM Applicant portal provides you Advanced Skill search options to look for candidates with particular certificate or educational requirement. Furthermore you can specify whether the requirement is optional, rank the relevance of the requirement and do a reverse search to list out candidates who don’t meet the skill search options.

Generate Customized reports with CEM Application portal. Want to know the headcount of people who have applied for jobs from a particular location, or number of people who have applied for particular posts? With CEM Application portal you can use tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis services to create custom reports based on the data received thru the CEM Application Portal

The CEM Applicant portal gives you one single platform to take out the complexities out of your organization’s hiring process liberating you to concentrate on tomorrow.

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