CEM Applicant Portal Integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX

CEM Applicant Portal Integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX

Recruitment is one of the most important functions in today’s business.  You need to beat your competition to attract, recruit and hire top talent for your organization. Almost all organizations need an applicant tracking system. To facilitate this CEM has implemented the Applicant Portal.

CEM Applicant Portal is a web based job portal that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX. With the portal a company is able to quickly post positions and review candidates all through Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Features of the CEM Applicant Portal

  • Web based and it is built into a company’s website
  • CEM integrates this program seamlessly into any existing website and it is able to match the company’s style and image.
  • Highly customizable depending on the company’s needs.


Typical process

This integration starts from the creation of a recruitment project. With this product, when a user is creating a recruitment project, there will be a new checkbox under web publishing.

Once you click the ‘Display job ad on Career portal’, all the information will be pushed to the Applicant portal. From there applicants will be able to review and apply for the position.

When a user first enters the CEM Applicant portal site they will have three options

Home, Login, and Register.

  • Home lists all the current job postings and can be sorted by job title, location and experience. There is also a search function.
  • Register will lead the user to creating an account
  • Login allows a user to enter the site for additional features.

The top bar is highly customizable and contains the company’s information.

When a user can click a job listing to see the details and requirements of the job without logging in, they will be prompted to login.

There are three types of logins for the Applicant portal.

  • Applicant
  • Employer
  • System administrator

Applicant login

It allows a user to setup their specific qualifications, apply for positions, and manage their applied jobs. When registering as a first time user, the system will prompt you to fill all of your personal information.

This information includes address, contact methods, pervious experience, education, and any additional qualifications of an applicant might have. This only has to be setup once. From here, user can simply click apply to submit a resume for any job postings.

Employer login

An employer login is typically for a hiring manager to view their candidates and setup the job posting. There are also some reports that can help an employer, to find the candidate and position they are looking for.

From this login a user can view all of the jobs that have applicants and the profiles of said applicants. The system will also take an analysis of the applicants traits compared to the job requirements and give this applicant a score based on how well it will fit the position.

Additionally the system will also score applicants that are registered but have not applied for this job. This give the employer a quick and easy way to pull the top applicants.

With this type of login the user can also run reports. These reports will pull out applicants based on the information filled in their profiles.

Admin login allows admin to do everything an employer could plus some. They have access to the settings and can create additional employers. They are also able to change the appearance of the site by uploading logos and changing links. This type of login gives the user complete control over the website.

Once an applicant has applied for a job the employer can either review the information on the portal or AX. The integration will take all applicants and put them into Microsoft Dynamics AX allowing the user the freedom to choose their system of choice.

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