CEM Recruiting and Offer Letters in Microsoft Dynamics AX

CEM Recruiting and Offer Letters in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Continuous growth of your business, typically depends upon your HR hiring systems. Often, recruitment solutions available do not meet the desired result due to a lack of intuition and support. The key towards recruiting the right candidate for the right position lies in acquiring new talent that syncs with the niche processes of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX, recruitment process includes campaigns, screening, developments, and candidate correspondence in a minor way, Whereas CEM’s HR add-ons enhances the recruitment module to the next level.

Features of Recruiting and Offer Letters

CEM’s HR, add-on increased functionality to recruitment and application management. Once you have brought you applicants into a recruitment project you can have up to 11 statuses for each applicant.

These can be customized as per the company requirements, so that any number or status type can be added. These statuses work seamlessly, with the out of box Microsoft Dynamics AX allowing for email templates and letters to be used with each status.

A few statuses launch additional functions. These statuses are Employee new hire wizard and Offer. Employee new hire wizard launches CEM’s onboarding wizard which is covered in another blog. Please see our archive or the link to read up on the CEM onboarding wizard, which greatly simplifies hiring new workers.

The other status with additional features is Offer. This status launches CEM’s offer letter function. The offer letter will summarize all the details of the job and position. This includes information ranging from the work address to the position pay cycle. Within the offer letter you can enter a proposed salary.

The user is also able to identify, if the applicant has a relocation expense and what amount the new employee will be entitled to. 

If PTO or leave was negotiated with the employee it can be added here so that the employee starts with leave. Finally, if there are any other additions for the new hire, such as a signing bonus, it can be added in the non-standard benefits section.

This offer letter will then go through a workflow for approval. If the offer is approved the salary and any additional benefits will flow into the onboarding wizard and through there into the worker profile. This prevents errors and provides a smooth flow from the worker applying to their first day of work.

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