Compensation Mass Update in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Compensation Mass Update in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


Compensation is a critical and essential process in every organization. As an organization grows, compensation update becomes tedious, time consuming and often error prone, during salary processing.

CEM has got this ‘Compensation mass update’ functionality in its HR add-on for Dynamics AX.

Features of this module:

  •          Identify the department
  •          Type of compensation
  •          Applicable date
  •          Retro computation

CEM’s Compensation Mass Update module enables Payroll department with a quick and easy way to mass update employees’ salaries.

Typical process:

Once the compensation change is approved, the module will automatically push this update to the worker profile and consequentially payroll. No manual updates are to be done by the HR or Payroll departments. These review and updates can be done on an individual, department, division, or all employee level. 


When using Compensation Mass Update the security and setup of the module will be set that a department or division manager will only see their own subordinates. The subordinates will be listed with their current salary as well as the date this salary was issued and what type of plan it is.

From here a manager can choose to increase their employee’s salary by a flat amount or a percentage. They may even leave certain member of the team with no increase. The system will then calculate the new salary.

Once all the employees are reviewed this compensation update can go through a workflow. This workflow is completely customizable and can have as many people as the organization wishes. This will ensure that all the workers increase as appropriately discussed and approved.

Once the compensation update has been approved, it will push the new rates to each workers profile. When the next payroll is run it will take these new rates.

The final feature of the Compensation Mass Update module is the Employee Action document. Once the compensation update has been approved a manager can come back to the module and select employee action for an employee.

This will launch a document with the employee’s details as well as describing the rate change. If a company so desires this can be printed and presented to the employee to get a signed acknowledgement of the rate change.

That’s it for the CEM Compensation Mass Update Module. Have a nice day!

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