Does Microsoft Dynamics® AX give a good career path? CEM enables it.

Does Microsoft Dynamics® AX give a good career path? CEM enables it.

As a Dynamics AX Consultant there are various paths you can take in your career. You can work for a Gold Partner, an end client, or a Tier 1 Consultancy. So how would you choose which path to take? What are the central points of interest of working for an end client over a consultancy? This article will look to handle those issues and encourage you to guide out a career in the Dynamics AX channel. 

Definitely as a Microsoft Dynamics AX professional, you will find jobs in various areas of  Manufacturing, HRM, Financial Management, Supply Chain, Project management, BI, etc.  Here are few Dynamics AX application consultant career options that reach out to extend administration, presales, and authority. 

Application Consultant 

Application consultants start their career as lesser consultants taking in the application peculiarities and capacities. Lesser consultants take an interest in usage tasks to get their active the handy employment. A consultant can be a piece of investigation workshops, add to necessities examination documentation, plan & end client reports, hold standard preparing sessions, help gathering room testing, and do end client shadowing and backing. 

The chief position is viewed as the first managerial level where the consultant oversees execution groups (youngsters and seniors) and spotlights on the nature of execution and deliverables. Chiefs are likewise an asset to their task groups, taking care of client desires on a capacity level and distinguishing business process zones that could be mechanized. 

Venture Management 

Since application consultants have involvement in business, the application capacities, and overseeing customers, they are frequently ready to deal with a usage venture. The venture administrator part is not into usefulness any more – simply giving direction, and coaching; the part guarantees the conveyance of undertaking extension on time, on plan, with great, and to the consumer loyalty's. The task director is additionally in charge of overseeing regular undertaking dissemination among the venture group, catching up on task advance and status, and taking care of general client desires of the task yield. 


The application consultant may move into deals exercises, gaining by his/her usage experience to help deals groups in the offering process by showing application capacities to give a fitting understanding of Dynamics AX to the client and give evidence of idea to particular business torments. 

From that point, an application consultant can move into record administration where obligations incorporate building and keeping a sound client relationship, dealing with the client's item, permit and administration issues, and bringing deals to a close proficiently. 


The overseeing chief/CIO keeps up an official level association with customers and guarantees general fulfillment with Dynamics AX executions. As an official, this part can have obligation to the top managerial staff and financial specialists for 4 fundamental regions: monetary administration, operational brilliance, arranging and authoritative advancement. Notwithstanding coordination inside the Information Technology division (IT), it is a CIO's obligation to keep up arrangement in the middle of IT and the companywide method. 

Choosing whom to work with

Where you wind up will help you move on the right career path. It is highly essential to choose with which organization or client you end up working for. 
One thing that is major importance when it comes to choosing the right career path is whether you are going to work for a partner or an end client. Here are few pros and cons of working for a partner and an end client. 

Accomplices – the upside 

There are various profits in living up to expectations for a Dynamics AX accomplice. Surely, the most essential being the experience you can increase through the mixture of undertakings you will chip away at. As a consultant you will have the chance to take a shot at various tasks, and hence figure out how to match Dynamics AX outlines to diverse business forms. Being presented to an assortment of diverse activities, individuals, and courses of action in this manner helps you to distinguish what experience you are lacking, and provides for you the chance to close the abilities hole. Moreover when working for an accomplice, you will be managing thorough preparing in task system and structure, and in addition access to redesigns in Dynamics AX accumulated through the accomplice's association with Microsoft. These are a basic spine to a fruitful career in Dynamics AX and a piece of the motivation behind why it is seen as advantageous to work for an accomplice in the early phases of your career. 

Accomplices – the drawback 

Then again living up to expectations for an accomplice can result in various inconveniences. The life of a consultant includes flying out to customer locales and definitely investing time far from home in desolate lodging rooms. While this may be seen as favorable element for those sufficiently youthful to appreciate the profits of room administration and general housekeeping, it can positively put a strain on family life. 

Working for end clients

What brings us on to the banquet of working for an end client? Clearly, one vital point of interest of working for an end client is the steadiness they can give. You will regularly work in the same office, have a perpetual base, and chortle at those outer consultants staying in the Holiday Inn not far off. However does it provide for you the imperative experience to propel your career? The response to this inquiry can be seen in two separate lights. One could contend that definitely, your experience will be limited and constrained to the business part that you work in. 

CEM enables excellent career path in Microsoft Dynamics AX

A good career path in Microsoft Dynamics AX is enabled at CEM with a wide range of opportunities in the field and with global clientele. 

As an Accomplished and proficient Dynamics AX partner, CEM possess inherent competency in implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and also has a decade of experience in consulting domain.  As a Dynamics AX professional at CEM, you will gain expertise in working for different industry verticals such as Oil & Gas, Projects, Trading, Manufacturing, Logistics etc. and has sound technical resources for an extensive AX training.