Google Analytics integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Google Analytics integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Marketing automation is an influential tool for products as it allows managing all the data and to create a rich profile of their spectators. It also uses targeted messages to drive conversions.

Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and to measure marketing tasks and work flows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

Using Marketing Automation effectively will empower sales and marketing to work together. This approach will not only accelerate sales and provide much value, it also gives you measurable ROI.

And finally, modern marketers still need to get their marketing technology house in order. Too many systems still don't connect. It's time to stop using Excel spreadsheets as the glue that holds your marketing operations together is by manual collection of data from disparate systems. 

Benefits of Marketing Automation
  • Fetching detailed analytics
  • Investigate Customer Demographics
  • Post transactional Email marketing
  • Optimize product pages for maximum conversions

In CEM, marketing automation can be done by integrating AX with Google Analytics (SEO\SEM), Google Adwords, and mailer campaigns run through AX CRM or any other external sources like Mail chimp, Constant Connect etc.

Google Analytics Integration in CEM

Google Analytics is integrated with Dynamics AX to fetch the required values and to display in the report. This is done to elucidate on how the management can track the expenses spend on Marketing Search engine optimization.

Using Google Analytics, other than collecting traffic related data from Google, it will also be able to collect that data from other websites with respect to our site and use it to strengthen our strong hold on the search platform.

Typical Process

Google Analytics Integration is done via batch process.

Updating the data from Google analytics to AX is done in a single click.

Once the update button is clicked in the Analytics data form, the user has to select from date and to date and click on update again. This helps to fetch the data from Google analytics website and to update the Analytics data form which is present in AX.

From AX, the report is triggered and gets saved as a file in the common folder from where the reports can be fetched and sent via mail to the managers.

This reports can be reviewed by the upper management where it can be tracked and approved. This way, we allow a dynamic way to manage our budget plans.

And that’s it for Google Analytics Integration!

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