CEM Application Portal has advanced features which will help make the Recruitment process and the Reporting easier for HRD and Recruiters.

The Recruitment process with CEM Applicant portal helps you control and automate many of the simpler tasks associated with hiring staff. The Process is very streamlined and allows HR Admin to store many good applicants in the database for the use in the future or other Recruitment projects. 

It allows the HR Managers to efficient scheduling of the interviews with the applicant by the click on the link associated with the Outlook. Using CEM Applicant Portal you can set up standard communication procedures for dealing with job applicants, Categorize and track correspondence, meetings and phone calls

Creating Recruitment Projects

  • Gives you a complete insight into the Recruitment Projects in one dashboard providing all key information’s like Position, Recruiter, Project Status, the Department for which the recruitment is done, Job title, Hiring Manager and Alternative Contact to the hiring manager is also given.
  • See all the dates on which the requisition was approved, Position open date, application deadline, close date, estimated start date and an option to publish the information on Enterprise portal
  • Create Job Ads has become easy and can be done with the click of the button
  • Once the Job Ad is published on your Enterprise portal, you will start receiving applications through email and postal.
  • Create databases of the applicants’ Personal information, Skill Sets, Certifications, Education, Courses completed and project experience. The search bar allows searching for the applicants by using the requisite field

Now, once all the data of applicants has been filled, the next step will be to link the applicant to the recruitment project by the click of the button using the filter options. The interesting part is you can also add on the media, i.e Agency, Newspaper or Internet, thru which the application was received. This feature enables you to run a report to see which media is successful in terms of receiving a number of applications. 

After linking the applicant to the recruitment project the HR can confirm the applicant and start the interview process. HR can directly schedule the Interview by providing the date and time mentioning the Place of the Interview and schedule it thru Microsoft Outlook. Once the Interview is finished, you are going to decide whether the candidate is selected or rejected. If the candidate is rejected, the applicant portal will ask the reason for rejection which can be updated by giving the corresponding code the required field.

Other details that you can add are:

  • Input the details such as Job Start date and the mention his position and with the Click of the Button you can hire the Candidate.
  • Once the Candidate is hired, the portal will bring the Applicant Record into the Employee Record.
  • Fill in the Worker Notice Period, the employee’s start date, the pension plan, the new worker’s probation period is 3 months, vacation days, vacation hours etc.
  • Input his Absence Setup providing information with Working days and working hours
The Next Important step will be to go for the Compensation Plan. CEM Applicant Portal allows you to capture data like Fixed Plan, Performance, Variable Plan Awards, Variable Plan environment, Commission transactions and also place him in the relevant sales groups.

There is also Payroll Information where we can store all information pertaining to the Income tax code, Pay Savings, Wage type, Payroll Seniority, Scale Level, and the currency in which the payment is made. Other information like Base Payroll, Insurance Information, Tax Information, Bonuses, Options, Wage lines, Salary deductions and information on retirement can also be stored.

CEM applicant portal make the life of HR, Recruitment and hiring managers much easier by providing a streamlined process flow right from creating a position on to the onboarding of the employee.