Manpower Planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Manpower Planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Why Manpower Planning?

Manpower Planning is simply ensuring that a company has the right amount of workers at the right places to meet the current and future needs of the business. It involves review and analyzing your current manpower needs as well as forecasting the future manpower needs of the company.

Manpower Planning is very critical to the success of a company. It helps the company be efficient and highly productive. With appropriate planning there will be appropriate amount of workers to ensure that the work is completed efficiently. It also raises the morale as no single worker will feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.

Importance of Manpower Planning

  • Key to business & managerial functions
  • Efficient utilization & motivation
  • Better human relations
  • Productivity goes high
Features of the Manpower Planning Module in Microsoft Dynamics AX
The Manpower planning module integrates four sub-modules.

Manpower Planning

Manpower planning sub-module features the following,

  • Actuals: Filled positions
  • Vacant: Unfilled positions
  • Additional FTE: New positions

From this sub-module, you can address the pay increase to your current employees and propose budget for the unfilled positions and also propose the requirements for new positions. This will allow a manager to plan the budget for their department.

This plan can then be submitted and sent to upper management where it can be reviewed and approved. This way we allow a dynamic way to manage your budget plans.

Staffing Budget

The Staffing Budget brings all of the manpower plans together into one budget for the year. From this submodule a business can evaluate their total manpower cost across all departments for a given period. Again this can be sent through a workflow for review and approval.

Staffing Request (Budgeted)

In Staffing Request (Budgeted) sub-module, the unfilled positions that were budgeted can be requested to be filled. A recruitment request can be launched from here, which will be subjected to a recruiter to create a recruitment project and carryout the whole recruitment process.

Staffing Request (Additional FTE)

If your business needs additional positions outside of what was already budgeted, a request can be raised for new positions from the Staffing Request (Additional). This will however need to go through an approval path as there it was not approved in the prior plan. Once the approval is complete, the HR will have to create new positions as requested and launch the recruitment process.

And that’s it for Manpower Planning! If you would like to learn about a way to push the salary increases discussed in plan to payroll please see our post regarding Compensation Mass Update.

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