Off-boarding with Dynamics AX

Off-boarding with Dynamics AX

What is Off-boarding?

Organization is an ever living entity. But an employee is not. A person in any organization has to leave the organization one day.

The reasons for parting ways can be many, but the process can be simplified with “CEM Off-boarding Wizard”

Off-boarding is a process by which the employer and employee interests are taken care of, at the time of separation. This includes final settlements, exit interview, disconnecting company access to exit employee, returning company assets and more.

Importance of Off-boarding process

  • Off-boarding process is more important than it is perceived.   Many organizations fail to remove the sign in access leaving out open security loopholes. Some of the off boarding components are:
    •   Disabling network access
    •   VPN\Intranet access
    •   Security\ID badge recovery
    •   Return loaned assets like
      •   Mobile\Cell phones
      •   Laptop
      •   Vehicle
      •   Accommodation
      •   Tool kits etc
  •       Shared accounts (shared passwords, single user internal systems and so on) will also need to have their passwords  updated to prevent breaches 

  •  Make sure your organization charts, collaterals and directories are up to date, with the employee’s replacement  details included to ensure a smooth transition

  •  Revoking of signing rights, if applicable (in banks etc.) also forms a part of this procedure. This can effectively  ensure that the separated employee no longer has access to confidential company information or to physical assets.
  •  Off-boarding process also ensures initiating and receiving knowledge transfer from the outgoing employee
  •  Feedback methods such as exit interviews throw light on areas that need attention

Off-boarding strategy is as critical as your onboarding strategy.  This means devoting similar effort and resources.

Typical Checklist

HR Checklist

Employee Checklist

Proactively communicate with the employee

Send resignation letter

Initiate off-boarding process to manage departure logistics

Settling petty cash advances

Create a smooth transition plan

Knowledge Transfer

Say goodbye with a smile & ensure a smooth last day

Returning ID cards, Keys, Company credit cards, mobiles, vehicle etc.

Manage final departure details & close loose ends after departure

Providing forwarding addresses for future communications


CEM Off-boarding Wizard

The wizard can integrate directly with the standard termination feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

  •            Single automated process that brings all the Off-boarding procedures, in one wizard

  • Helps retrieval of physical inventory, separation of confidential product access/information and all off-boarding related activities
  • Automatically picks the items assigned based on the employee category
  • You can add additional activities if required

Following features are added to Dynamics AX by the CEM Off-boarding Wizard

  • Option of doing full and final settlement at will
  • Revoking of joining perks (relocation, signing bonus etc.) if applicable
  • Including PTO cash out during the final settlement 

  • Click Finish to complete the Off-Board wizard
  • When the final settlement or payment happens, it will automatically generate the deduction\contribution in earning statement.

In ConclusionCEM Off-boarding wizard automates the off-boarding activity process and stream lines the off-boarding procedures. A company should show the same amount of importance to the off-boarding procedures as they do to their on-boarding procedures.

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