Onboarding Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Onboarding Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics AX

In Microsoft Dynamics AX hiring an employee can be a long and complicated process. Many fields need to be filled and they are in various places. If one is missed then there could be a lot of complications in the future, such as when payroll is run. This can then lead to a timely and complicated troubleshooting process.

Fortunately, CEM has solve this issue with the HR add-on. Included in our add-on is the Onboarding Wizard. This wizard pulls all the fields that need to be filled into one quick and easy flow.

Features of the Onboarding Wizard

The onboarding wizard will walk a user through a new hire setup. When hiring an applicant, the wizard will launch.

  • The first few screens will walk the user through setting up the personal information of the employee including their personnel number, name and employment dates. It will also prompt you to add their contact information, address, and any relevant identification.


  • The wizard will also include onboarding activities.
  • The wizard will send notifications to the appropriate employees to start these activities. Notes with specific instructions can also be included if anything is beyond the norm.

  • The wizard will also address the position. You can assign a probation period and edit assignment dates. It will also provide additional information such as the reporting to position.

  • Next the wizard will prompt you to setup the compensation. If an offer letter was sent to this employee, accepted amount will autofill in this section. However, this can be changed here even if another number is pulled in.

  • Finally, the system will prompt you to fill in some additional information for the new hire. It is not necessary to fill these, however it could help you in the future like succession planning.

  • After this you simply set up your tax regions and your employee is ready to go!

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