Performance Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Performance Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Why Performance Management?

Performance management is the process of setting goals and reviewing the process with a supervisor to assess the progress towards these goals.

A good performance management system can increase efficiency, productivity, accuracy, accountability and much more.

A poorly structured Performance Management Plan can lead to employees wasting time and resources. Employees might become frustrated with unreachable goals or expectations.

CEM has understood the advantages of this, and they have built this as a module in their HR add-on for Dynamics AX. The performance Management Module is an incredible variable allowing a large amount of flexibility to the users and business

Importance of Performance Management

  • Developmental and Administrative decision processes
  • Inculcate people the desire for continuous improvement
  • Appraisals provide a basis for determining who should receive a bonus, an increase in salary, a promotion, termination, etc.
  • Helps in employee retention, engagement, and culture
  • An empowered and engaged workforce

Features of CEM Performance Management

  • Set goals – individual & subjective goals based on organizational objectives
  • Setting up appraisal periods
  • Interim and overall rating with rating scores
  • View and analyze deviation / variation
  • Customizable workflow based appraisals
  • View performance, track appraisal reviews and history through dashboard
  • Comparative reports across same job positions in a department
  • Alert and e-mail reminders at every stage of performance
  • Performance based variable salary computation
  • ESS driven

Typical process

The module has two types of goal categories:

  • Subjective Goals

    • Subjective goals are tied to the job category and are predefined by the company
    • Company defines the no. of subjective goals a person is entitled to
    • Subjective goals & Weightages are not editable by the employee
    • A company may decide not to move ahead with subjective goals and eliminate them with a simple set up

  • Individual Goals:

    • Goals that an employee assigns for himself
    • Individual goals are completely at the discretion of the employer and can be changed by their manager
    • A company can able to decide how much weightage they would like to assign to on each goal category

CEM Performance module allows for three distinct phases during an appraisal period.

These three phases are as follows

  • Planning Phase:

Here the employee reviews their subject goals and defines their individual goals with the help of their manager.


  • Interim Phase:

Here an employee and their manager both rate each goal to give the employee a rough idea of how they are progressing.


  • Appraisal Phase:

Here both the employee and manager give each goal final rating determining the outcome of the performance plan

When you first create a plan, all the relevant information is displayed clearly at the top of the plan. This information includes the date of creation, the status, employee information and supervisor information.

In the lower half of performance plan, the goals are displayed. The subjective tab is not editable as these goals are determined by the company.

Both Individual & Subjective goals have independent tabs. In the individual tab, an employee can simply type in the desired goals. A weightage for each individual goal can be assigned by the employee’s manager reviewed.

In the summary tab, any relevant comments can be made by both the employee and the manager before the plan is submitted. This increases the communication and clarity between the employee and their manager increasing the employee’s success on their goals.

On clicking the interim month they can go back to the plan and rate themselves. This helps an employee take a close look at their own performance and plan accordingly to finish these projects I time.

Employee’s manager will also review these goals and rate them during the interim month. To better understand these rating the average rating by both the employee and the manager will display at the top of the plan along with the other plan information.

In the final phase of appraisal, the employee and supervisor will go over the goals again and issue another score. This will be the final score for the employee and can be used to compensate them accordingly.

HR has easy visibility for all performance plans. From the quick view a user can see the date created, the employee who submitted the plan, their supervisor, and the plan status. This will enable HR to quickly pull reports or find pending reports ensuring that all performance management is going smoothly.

And this all the features of this Module. A simple way to improve the productivity of your workforce!

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