Simplify Your Onboard and Offboard Process

Simplify Your Onboard and Offboard Process

Mid-sized and large-sized corporations have to deal day-in and day-out with employee transitions, recruitment and exits. The process of onboarding a new employee, transferring between departments and offboarding becomes a time-consuming matter which constitutes additional man hours and personnel.

In larger organizations, an entire team is given the responsibility of adding new employees as well as establishing and maintaining the offboarding protocols. Furthermore, these larger corporations have an obligation to keep track of their temporary workforce. This category includes contractors, consultants, interns and other temporary workers. The importance of this HR team organizes employee documents which encompasses personal information, tenure data and other related documentation.

In order for a hassle-free entry for new employees or a secure exit for existing employees, many departments need to have consistent communication. There are numerous activities that incorporate these processes. The processes for new hires can include creating email accounts and badge IDs, establishing training procedures and developing department verifications. Within the offboarding process, the primary steps focus on discontinuing system access along with ending employee benefits.

Most HR and payroll management software is designed with limited functionalities and do not meet all of the complex requirements of managing the entire onboarding and offboarding process. CEM’s HR Management software is built on the versatile and agile Microsoft Dynamics AX system in order to simplify the functionality.

This system offers the benefits of a single-trigger mechanism which sends automatic notifications to all of the concerned departments when a person is onboarded or offboarded. Thanks to an automatic notification, human error is minimized and resource-utilization is maximized. HR departments can now rely on this dynamic HR system to initiate or remove an employee from the system. 

Additionally, this system automates the hire and exit process to ensure that new employees have the necessary access to various systems. With this process the idle time is significantly reduced. HR managers can also request for customized reports on a daily basis to oversee the onboard or offboard process. The report can help HR managers track onboarding and of boarding formalities with ease, and can also assist other departments or personnel in case of a delay. 

The CEM HR software’s onboarding and offboarding wizard helps large organizations to effectively manage and efficiently track employee entries and exits and also helps improve productivity and secure organizational data.