Understanding Dynamics 365: What You Need to Know and How It Affects Your Business

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Understanding Dynamics 365: What You Need to Know and How It Affects Your Business

By now, those of you reading will understand that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a transformative tool that’s AI-capable and promises to revolutionize the way work is done.

But this post is about understanding Dynamic 365, what you need to know and how it affects your business.  And your business is about the people who drive its performance and success.  That’s why the first thing you’ll need, to derive maximum benefit from the technology under discussion, is employees are aren’t just along for the ride, but genuinely engaged.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 logo

A seismic shift

Technological change is a challenging reality.  Companies struggle to keep ahead of it, because it’s clear that the changes being wrought in this rapid-fire crucible are positive.  To remain competitive, participation is mandatory and resistance?  Futile.

While the cloud and artificial intelligence are relatively new realities, they’re the core of contemporary technological change at its most transformative.  The application of these new tools promises to make processes more integrated, coherent and accessible, by breaking down barriers in every area of doing business.

People matter

A key component in the seismic technological shift that’s occurring are your people.  In recent decades, companies have focused heavily on employee safety and wellness.  But how does that play out in this new reality?

Your employees and their comfort with system implementation is crucial to the success of implementing new technologies.  If they’re threatened by the transformation, it may be because they haven’t been adequately prepared.

In this respect, communication is fundamental to the success of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Focused on success

In an increasingly challenging technological sector, employees everywhere are feeling less of a personal engagement with employers.  They’re less likely to stay on long-term, in a gig economy.

Being forthright with employees about enhanced efficiencies and increased opportunities to work within teams with Dynamics 365, assists them in walking through the door to change and a new, less compartmentalized work style.

Focusing your employees on their significant role in digital transformation boosts engagement, provokes buy-in and ultimately, helps you keep your best people in place.  When your people are focused on success, transformation not only has a chance – it’s assured.

In this new reality, your employees can work and collaborate anywhere.  With Microsoft Dynamics 365’s cloud-based solutions, your people are free to roam, while staying connected to the projects they’re working on and they people they’re working on them with.

CEM Business Solutions

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