With the ever growing competition, trading has become one of the most difficult businesses to capture. Adapting to regulatory changes, connecting with all the entities, finance management etc are only a few of the many problems, people face in the industry. The success of a business in the trading sector is determined by the choice of right ERP tool. CEM has developed an ERP software, built on Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, which provides intuitive solutions for optimized inventory management and distribution process. The AX software employs scientific methods of risk mitigation and financial control and helps drive the profitability of the organization.

CEM’s agile and flexible software allows companies to manage every aspect of their business process. The ERP module, built for a multi market environment, helps extend the organizational insight and improve decision making process at every stage of the business.

Advantages of using CEM’s Trading solutions:

  • Automated business process, helps speedy completion and reduces unnecessary activities.
  • Complete visibility and easy access to all the inventory, sales, purchasing and financial information across multiple locations.
  • Accurate tracking of shipments, ensuring quality of service in delivering.
  • Improved customer communications through self help web portals and enhanced customer service through quick response to specific customer needs.

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