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Construction management is a complicated enterprise. Every single activity in a construction project is complex, where the smallest deviation can cause drastic losses in the form of time and money. Right from the bidding process until the handing over of the project, several complications will arise such as delay in material delivery, slow down due tolabor, climatic conditions, etc. These issues need to be handled swiftly and efficiently in order to have progression throughout the project. Further financial management, inventory management, contract and sub-contract management, workforce management, local by-laws and regulations, need to be managed efficiently. Any loss or discrepancy in data or report, can lead to huge irrecoverable losses.

A comprehensive ERP software is required to enable a steady flow in the progress of a construction project. CEM AX Construct is the most effective ERP tool to manage a construction project.

Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, AX Construct offers comprehensive solutions in efficient execution of all activities and risk mitigation. CEM’s construction ERP software offers total transparency over the entire construction process, from placing a bid to handing over of the project. Its integrated and flexible environment allows effortless administration of complicated business processes, thus improving efficiency and cutting down losses. CEM AX Construct offers real-time solutions based on credible data.

Advantages of Using CEM AX Construct

  • Expedite successful bids with competitive quotes based on reliable financial and operational information.
  • Conducive interface provides seamless integration and centralized access to all data, enabling project managers take timely decisions for real-time problems.
  • Improved communication between field personnel and corporate office to reduce time delay.
  • Enhanced customer service through improved concatenation and analysis of customer data from the start to finish.
  • Effective management of equipment, workforce, materials and finances.
  • Intelligible reports and graphs are generated based on real-time data, helping project managers comprehend the progress of the project and take key decisions accordingly.

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