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The complexity of a contract project is massive. The completion of a project within a limited time and budget framework is crucial in gaining the customer’s respect. Contract management can become more complicated when handling more than one project at a time.The Microsoft Dynamics enterprise offers a powerful solution for handling contract projects efficiently.

CEM has recognized the needs of the industry and has developed a powerful contract management tool, built on the Dynamics AX platform. CEM’s powerful ERP tool helps organizations efficiently manage any kind of contract, assuring accurate evaluation, meeting contract specifications and ensuring a smooth workflow.

CEM’s Contract Management Tool Offers:

  • Quick access to all financial, operational and workforce records, ensuring timely completion and loss mitigation.
  • Automated billing process and ensures prices are consistent within the trade agreements and government norms.
  • Enriched customer relationship through improved communication and processing of customer feedback.
  • Integration of all the essential projects into a single contract, enabling the clear operation of multiple contracts without any overlapping.

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