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Payroll is a complex process which requires expertise in various areas including HR, Finance, Project, Compliance, Costing, timesheet and Planning modules.

In today’s world, where organizations are undergoing quick transformations, resource-intensive tasks like payroll and statutory compliance, can distract you from focusing on your core objectives.

Being an HR & IT domain expert, we @ CEM are well aware of this. With over a million hours of experience, we have developed CEM Payroll for AX, to make this complex process easy and user friendly.

  • CEM Payroll seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX, using the same AX source code standards. Today, many organizations have selected the best of the breed HR & Payroll software and integrated them with AX. These products are built on external programs and have a lot of challenges with the integration itself
  • CEM Payroll for AX makes this a single software /ERP with finance and payroll
  • Users don’t have to connect to various applications to run payroll. This results in less human and reconciliation errors and a more accurate payroll
  • Dynamics AX payroll out of box has a lot of innate gaps. CEM Payroll makes the AX solution 100% fully usable by filling all the gaps in the out of box modules
  • CEM Payroll eliminates the need for payroll outsourcing. All your HR and payroll data is secure and confidential as it is in house and under your control
  • CEM Payroll has the  Union Payroll and Certified Payroll modules
  • CEM Payroll posts into the GL, projects and AP of AX
  • CEM Payroll has integration interfaces for the following:
    • ADP
    • State & Federal Tax agencies
    • Benefit providers

Whether you are in the public sector or private industry, CEM Payroll is the right solution for you!

This module is designed to handle all your union payroll activities under one window, including union deductions and fringe benefits calculation. CEM Union Payroll helps you handle both union and non-union workers. Calculations can be done by trade codes or to be setup according to project and state.

Major features of CEM Union Payroll include

  • Union payroll processing engine integrated with payroll
  • Integration with projects and account payable
  • Union file summary and detail
  • Track union deductions for multiple labor classifications and multiple unions
  • Powerful fringe benefit calculations
  • Integration with Timesheet and various attendance systems
  • Unlimited earnings and deduction codes
  • Configurable reports
  • Automatically calculate standard union deductions
  • Tracks union deductions for multiple labor classifications & unions
  • Defined pay scales & fringes
  • Easy access to labor union data with flexible reporting
  • Shifts, special pay, & field expenses
  • Payroll tax regions
  • Daily or weekly time sheet submission
  • Integrated to AX financials, project accounting, HR & Payroll

Manage your certified payroll processing requirements with ease and accuracy. Maintain all employee details and working hours’ information under a single database to accurately calculate and comply with the certified payroll requirements of your state.

Major features of the CEM Certified Payroll include

  • Project wise earnings
  • Supports Over time, double time and regular time
  • Taxes will be calculated as per project location
  • Supports General Liability Insurance
  • Supports Worker compensation
  • Mass entry functionality
  • Project wise cost distribution
  • Earning code (Regular, OT etc) can be defined at timesheet level
  • Payroll user can define the parameters in the tax engine

Are your workers on the 9/80 work schedule? While employees get a "free day" every other week, you can spend less time integrating these shifts to your payroll.

Simplify the complex calculations of your payroll with the CEM 9/80 payroll add- on for AX

Major features of CEM 9/80 Payroll include

  • Create multiple 9/80 Calendars with different shift schedules
  • Flexible selection for the Short day and long 9 hour days
  • Split short days into 4 hour portions
  • Automatically calculates weekly /daily overtime for exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Timesheet  integration to payroll
  • Employee can view his timesheet summary for the work week with hours worked, approved PTO and vacation time
  • Timesheet and payroll reconciliation reports
  • Generate payroll for 9/80 and 8 hour work schedules simultaneously in the same entity

CEM has developed exhaustive payroll for Asian markets as well. These are country specific payrolls which are built as add-ons on Dynamics AX. Please contact us for a list of country specific payrolls developed by CEM.

Major features of CEM Country Specific Payroll include

  • Employee compensation off request
  • Loan management
  • Leave management (Leave types like Hajj leave, unpaid leave, Annual leave, medical leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, Compassionate leave (Residents/Non-residents), Sick leave, Study leave, Child care leave)
  • Time sheet based payroll / Leave based payroll
  • Claims
  • Retro pay
  • Leave salary process
  • Components mass update
  • Other earnings & Other deductions
  • Leave year end process
  • Social security
  • EOS
  • Air ticket accrual/Gratuity accrual/ Leave accrual/Bonus accrual / Performance Bonus
  • Payroll posting profile (Link to GL)

Paid time off or Personal Time Off (PTO) is a policy in some employee handbooks that provides a bank of hours in which the employer pools sick days, vacation days, and personal days that allows employees to use as the need or desire arises.

Availabe with CEM HR

  • PTO Cash out / Leave encashment / reimbursement
  • PTO adjustment to time sheet
  • Consuming PTO hours for short permissions during the work day
  • Qualifying PTO against shortfall in weekly worked hours

CEM Payroll has exhaustively integrated various types of leaves into Dynamics AX.

Major features of Leave Management incorporated into CEM Payroll include

  • Integration to Time Sheet
  • Integration to payroll
  • Bonus / Leave pay
  • LOP Adjustments to Time Sheet

Available with CEM HR

  • Leave Types
    • Sick / Short term / Long term
    • Bereavement / Jury Duty / PTO / Floating
    • Exempt / Non-exempt
    • Maternity / Paternity / Adoption
    • Unpaid leave / Study leave / Child Care

Additional leaves can be configured as per requirement

CEM Payroll has exhaustively integrated various taxes into Dynamics AX

Major taxes incorporated by CEM Payroll include

  • Taxes
    • State / Federal
    • Medical
    • Unemployment
    • FUTA / SUTA / SDI
  • Work location based tax
  • Workers Residence Tax
  • Position based tax

CEM also builds interfaces to State, Federal Tax agencies and Benefit providers.

CEM has developed integration of time sheet with Payroll.

Major feature offered by CEM Time Sheet Integration include

  • Leaves applied can be integrated to time sheet
  • Summary tab to view the list of working hours , holidays , leaves & OT for a particular week
  • Available both in ESS and Rich client

In today’s day and age, when companies want to stay ahead of the game they need all their systems to work synchronously. Systems that are not integrated result in significant increases in cost and resource consumption.

CEM understands this very well and provides for integrations to various (almost any!) systems.

Major integrations offered by CEM Payroll Include:

  • Integration to any time keeping device through csv or xml format
  • Integration and connectivity with Insurance providers, 401(k) record-keepers or any other III party software using different modes of integration like csv, xml or EDI

If you are looking for any specific integration, do let us know. We will be glad to build it for you!

CEM payroll is available on ESS. This makes life much simpler and easier for the employee.

Major features of CEM Payroll available on the ESS include:

  • Benefits enrolment & view
  • Managing personal details
  • View paysilps
  • Leave requests
  • PTO & Cash Out Management
  • Salary Split up – options
  • Time sheet with summary Tabs
  • And so on…

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