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Employees are brain and heart of any organization. They are the human capital of the organization with great IQ and EQ. Unlike machines, employees expect organization to take care of them, in many ways. Employees’ expectations change from time to time, constantly and progressively. With a lean HR team in most cases, it is impossible for HR department to take of every employee at all times. This leads employee dissatisfaction, performance degradation, manpower turnover and obviously organization’s results.  

There are many areas in HR, which are chores and mundane. Automation comes handy here!

Being HR & IT domains expert, we @ CEM understand this well. With over million hours of experience, we have developed an intuitive solution to imbibe organization DNA in work culture, comprehensively.  

CEM HR and payroll software modules deliver the power technology in employees’ hands. For example, most Human Capital (HCM) processes are available as ESS and MSS. By this, CEM HR software effectively engages employees from Hire to Retire.

CEM HR in Nutshell

CEM HR and Payroll application seamlessly integrates with Dynamics AX, using the same AX source code standards. One cannot distinguish whether they are working in Native AX or CEM software. Importantly, users don’t have to jump between various applications. This helps in obtaining single version of truth.

In addition, there are many other interfaces available with CEM HR & Payroll, including

  • Timesheet integration with AX projects module
  • Time Attendance capture devices like Kronos
  • Payroll software like ADP

Major benefits of CEM HR include:

  • Achieve the best ROI on Human Capital Investment
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Personalize role centers
  • Identify talent and nurture leaders
  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Totally automated HR process
  • Tighter integration with AX – Finance, HR, Payroll, Projects modules
  • Eliminate Audit flags
  • One single version of truth

Though all modules are interconnected, an organization can go for select modules and phased implementation.

CEM HR Manpower planning and budgeting module is useful in following scenarios:

  • Annual budgeting
  • New Projects
  • High manpower turnover
  • Establishments of new business units
  • Geographic expansion
  • Team restructure
  • Adhoc requirements

This module is useful for management, planning, Business, Operations and HR departments.  CEM Manpower Planning Module delivers a recruitment plan with budgetary approvals.

Major benefits of CEM Manpower Planning Module include:

  • Deep financial & projects integration
  • HR and payroll module Integration
  • Automated allocations
  • Organizational process workflows
  • Excel integration
  • Generation of Staffing budget 
  • Link to recruitment request for manpower hire approval

Major features of CEM Manpower Planning & Budgeting module include:

  • Setting up a plan period – defining of start and end date
  • Creating positions
  • Year wise budgeting
  • Project based budgeting
  • Adhoc budgeting
  • Allow hiring only for approved positions
  • Collaboration

CEM Recruitment Module offers a range of features that simplify optimize the hiring process. Create / post job openings, manage candidates, collaborate with colleagues and use the data to make an informed decisions – all in one place. In short, hiring the best candidates at fastest time is made possible with CEM HR, which include the entire cycle from manpower planning to on-boarding.

Recruitment can also be handled independent of CEM Manpower and Budgeting Module.

Major benefits of CEM Recruitment Module include:

  • Simplified recruitment process from start to end
  • Both business / HR divisions can initiate recruitment process
  • Visibility of recruitment process at all stages
  • Tight integration with Finance and other modules
  • Build comprehensive resume bank
  • Helping hiring the best
  • Workflow configured to get the applicant on-board faster

Major features of CEM Recruitment module include

  • Raise hiring requests for full time or part time or contract employees
  • Hiring request can be done from anywhere, even project site using ESS / MSS
  • Simplified job creation
  • Define job requirements
  • Copy and edit job profile
  • Create job ads
  • Post Job ads to internal portal, career page, external job portals
  • Post jobs with a few clicks
  • Applicant / Job portal (Please see the section below)
  • Associate a single applicant to multiple job requests
  • Associate multiple number of resumes, credentials & attachments for each candidate
  • Search facility
  • Hot Match existing resumes for a position with multiple parsing (Fuzzy logic)
  • Schedule interviews and monitor the progress through interview stages
  • Interview questionnaires
  • Store interview notes / scores
  • Instant tracking of status of an applicant
  • Customized appointment letter with data automatically derived from previous processes
  • Upon hiring, applicant data is converted into employee data in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Simplified appointment and onboarding processes

CEM Applicant Portal helps tap top talent efficiently and intuitively. CEM Applicant Portal connects HR recruitment managers, business managers and prospective employees. This portal helps streamline the hiring process, handle job postings, applicant resumes, tracking applicants and importantly helps in selecting THE BEST FIT candidates, using resume parsing.

CEM Applicant Portal has seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Applicant portal can be placed in the website ‘Jobs or career’ page.

Some of the major benefits are:

  • General:
    • Emulates your website look and feel
    • Outside AX so that candidates need not get into AX
    • HR and business can set resume parsing (rating and filtering) criteria.
    • Filtering can be done to see only for top 3 or 5 or the likes
    • Resumes can be held in applicant portal or pass on to AX or shared between them. This means only good resumes can go into AX.
    • Any number of attachments and web links
    • EEO / OFCCP and other regulatory checking
    • Verification submittals
    • Applicant registration process enabling cordial relationship with applicants
    • Applicant details flows fully in to AX from the Portal
    • Automated and simplified workflow driven process
    • Hot match can be used for candidates search even before posting. This is like any job portal search
    • Engage business users directly reducing clerical work
    • Connectivity to external job portals and social sites
    • See only the top rated resumes, eliminating review of 100s of irrelevant resumes
    • Smart quantitative selection
    • Automated communication with all parties
  • Applicants can
    • Create own profile with details
    • Reuse profile- apply to multiple jobs
    • Update profile
    • Get notifications on new openings
    • Attachments (degrees, accreditations, recognitions, PE etc.)
    • Online update when you are selected or shortlisted

CEM Applicant Portal provides role based tools for HR, hiring managers and applicants.

CEM Onboarding Wizard helps both business and HR departments to integrate a new employee seamlessly into the organization. This process can start upon candidate acceptance of the appointment letter.

Major benefits of CEM Onboarding wizard include

  • Make the employee ready to work from day one
  • Completion of pre-joining  activities even before employee joins
  • Alert other departments (IT, payroll, benefits, training, security, identity, transportation, administration & stores) about the new joiner. This helps in keeping everything ready for the employee. This can include
    • work space allocation,
    • phone line,
    • Mobile phone
    • computer,
    • email id
    • network connection,
    • access to internal system with user rights,
    • id card / entry badge,
    • access control,
    • parking lot,
    • vehicle,
    • uniform,
    • safety gears,
    • payroll registration,
    • benefits administration
    • relevant documentation like
      • NDA,
      • policy acceptance
      • Benefits enrolment
      • 401K
      • Direct deposit bank details
      • Tax forms
    • Company orientation
    • Training schedules
    • Mailing induction / training materials and links

CEM HR onboarding wizard helps HR to keep everything ready so that the new joiner becomes productive from day 1. The new joiner also feels great about the professional approach of the organization.

CEM Performance Management Module helps in goals setting for a period and align them with job and organizational goals.

 Major features include:

  • Set goals – individual & job goals based on organizational objectives
  • Setting up appraisal periods
  • Interim and overall rating with rating scores
  • View and analyze deviation / variation
  • Customizable workflow based appraisals
  • View performance, track appraisal reviews and history through dashboard
  • Comparative reports across same job positions in a department
  • Alert and e-mail reminders at every stage of performance
  • Performance based variable salary computation
  • ESS driven

Microsoft AX provides out-of-the-box benefits management capabilities including the ability to set benefit types, benefit plans, and benefit options, and mass assign them.

AX’s HCM benefits information is fully integrated to AX’s Payroll module. Enrolment of an employee in an HR, benefit automatically creates the records in Payroll that are necessary for accurate payroll deduction and contribution calculations.

CEM Benefit Administration Module helps leverage investment in Dynamics AX by complementing the functionalities and also by adding several features.

Some of the major features include:

  • Open benefits such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Setting up of contribution and deduction limits
  • Facility to stop enrollment in specific plan
  • Open enrollment and life event benefit changes through ESS Portal
  • A simpler user interface for defining eligibility rules
  • Expanded Benefit Rate rules and calculation engine, including age-based, salary-based and employee-type-based tiers
  • Coverage calculations including dependent coverage options, life insurance and disability salary multiples

CEM Leave and Absence Management module allows defining of absence codes, captures actual leave dates, captures accrual policy, leave settlement payroll, calculation of cash out for PTO (paid time off) and so on. 

Major benefits of PTO / Absence / Leave Management module include:

  • Improve communications about absence management, fostering a more transparent, positive, and employee-centric culture
  • Clear real-time visibility, leave and absence in your department
  • Identify patterns of staff absence
  • Ease the stress of absence management

Major features include:

  • PTO
    • Cash out PTO
    • Consuming PTO hours for short permissions during the work day
    • Qualifying PTO against shortfall in weekly worked hours
    • Availing -16 PTO Option
  • Leave setup based on exempt and nonexempt employee types
  • Leave carry forward option
  • Bereavement leave
  • Floating holiday based on joining period
  • Long term & Short term – paid and unpaid leaves
  • Automatic assigning of leave entailment for all employees and new employees as well
  • View of absence calendar and team absence calendar
  • Workflow driven leave request approvals
  • Option to select an employee to cover work during another employee’s absence
  • Integration to 3rd party payroll processing software

Employee self-service with CEM ESS makes life much simpler and quicker for an employee. An entire suite of HR functionalities are available on a single page. 

Major benefits of CEM ESSS include:

  • Reduction in cost of ownership of ERP Software
  • Browser based
  • Entire HR & Payroll functions available over ESS
  • Highly customizable- Companies can extend services that are unique to their organization
  • Charts, dashboards and reports– tailor-made for specific position
  • Mobile compatible
  • ESS can be easily linked to available intranet sites of the companies

Key features of CEM ESS include:

  • Employees can
    • View and manage personal information
    • Review performance goals and career discussion notes
    • Request additional employees (FTE/PTE/Contractual)
    • Create and post time sheets
    • Manage and apply leave
    • Register for training courses
    • Initiate discussion
    • Apply for available jobs across the organization
    • Maintain benefits like
      • Supplementary life Insurance
      • Cafeteria benefits
      • Fitness benefits
      • General health benefits
      • option to select the deduction amount and period for retirement plans (401 K)
    • Raise
      • Recognition request
      • Grievance
      • Travel requisitions
    • View
      • Pay statements and benefit enrolment
      • Team data
      • List of companies loaned equipment’s
      • Org structure and directory
      • Training courses

The entire approval bouquet is available in a single click through CEM MSS.

Major features of CEM MSS include:

  • Dashboard charts for quick review
  • Target and actual comparison across all dimensions
  • Drill down option for detailed analysis
  • Consolidated view of team’s data
  • Role specific dashboard/alerts
  • Ability to interrupt and complete later, a process wizard or workflow
  • Configurable work flows
  • Mobile compatibility

CEM has developed an add-on for Off-Boarding Activities and the Off-Boarding Wizard. The Off-Boarding Wizard add-on gives workers and management the ability to terminate an employee in a single automated process.

Major benefits of CEM Offboarding wizard include:

  • Timely recovers of company assets, including the risk of exposing company sensitive data
  • Decrease cost by reducing paperwork and manual tasks associated with Offboarding
  • Notify payroll dept with instructions on final pay check preparation

Major features of CEM Offboarding wizard include:

  • Work flow driven
  • Includes complete spectrum of organization specific forms
  • Simultaneously process documents in multiple departments
  • Easily customisable
  • Ensures that separated employee no longer has access to organization’s critical information, applications and facilities
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