Professional service firms including management consultancies, project driven service companies, marketing and advertising agencies, construction and engineering organizations and other demanding industry verticals are challenged with increasingly difficult act of selling intangible products. Unless the professional service providing companies have an estimated project cost and a planned time of completion, their profitability is not guaranteed. To succeed, these professional service firms must adopt a strategic and a comprehensive approach that must enhance their revenue, meet the expectation of their customers and develop and retain an efficient workforce. Most importantly all these approaches must be achieved without any compromise on the service quality. The service quality and on-time delivery of the services plays a vital role in converting prospects into customers.

CEM’s Professional service solution, which is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology, helps your organization to manage every aspect of your business from customer relationship management to process outsourcing, in order to meet new business demands and challenges and remain competitive in the global market. CEM’s ERP solution is designed to drive efficiencies, streamline key business process with the ability to gain deep insight across your entire organization while improving your quality of customer interactions and decision making skills.

  • Provide visibility to all project related information through intuitive drill down capabilities for faster, smarter and better decision making.
  • Automate your complete business process including billing, invoicing etc. to boost productivity
  • Accurate time monitoring at each level of projects
  • Template-based project management system for consistent and logical record management across each project
  • Improve operational efficiency by managing project data in one centralized system

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