CEM Applicant Portal is an online tool that helps you choose the right top talent for your jobs. The applicant portal connects HR recruitment managers, business managers and prospective employees.

It streamlines the hiring process right from handling job postings, getting applicant resumes, tracking applicants and finally selecting the best fit candidate using resume parsing.

CEM Applicant Portal has seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is a one stop recruiting solution for Dynamics AX. The applicant portal can replace the ‘Jobs’ or ‘Career’ page on your website. It can also be deployed as a stand-alone Applicant Tracking System.

Some of the major benefits are:

    • Emulates your website’s look and feel
    • You can expose only the portal to the public without the AX system
    • HR and business can set the rating and filtering criteria
    • You can filter to see only the top 3, or 5 hot matches for the job
    • You can make the choice about your resumes - resumes can be held in applicant portal, passed on to AX or shared between them. This means only qualified resumes will be transferred into AX
    • Applicants can attach any number of attachments and reference documents other than the resume itself
    • EEO / OFCCP and other regulatory reports
    • Automated and simplified workflow driven process
    • Hot match with the applicant database
    • Hiring managers can post their requirements for the job
    • Connectivity with external job portals and social sites
    • Smart quantitative selection
    • View only the top rated resumes, and not 100s of irrelevant ones
    • Automated communication with all – hiring manger, applicant and HR
  • Applicants can
    • Create/update their own profile
    • Apply to multiple jobs using their profile information
    • Get notifications on new openings
    • Attach (degrees, accreditations, recognitions, professional license etc.)
    • Get online updates when they are selected or shortlisted

CEM Applicant Portal provides role based tools for HR, hiring managers and applicants.

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