Retailing has become a really challenging enterprise. With increased number of sales channels, the competition to satisfy customers and maintain market share has grown multifold. CEM have developed an end-to-end business solution for retailers, to inspire customer engagement and boost business growth.

Built on top of the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX, CEM’s retail ERP tool provides retailers with out-of-the-box functionalities for point of sale, supply chain management, store management, merchandising and more. Dynamics AX for retail provides an integrated system, pivotal in connecting people, process and profitability.

CEM’s Retail AX ERP system offers transparency over real-time data such as critical customer, customer buying behavior and inventory, provides analysis and reports for the critical data, and helps drive businesses forward.

  • Offers multi-channel integration in order to keep with the trends of modern retailing.
  • Provides access to entire organization network, to effectively monitor finance, logistics, inventory, workforce and customer data.
  • Automated billing and pricing operations to effectively regulate competition.
  • Reinforce customer loyalty with improved customer service and differentiated customer experience.
  • Increased profit margins by rationing products based on demand and sales loss mitigation.
  • Improved store and supply chain management with better organization of inventory and resources.

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