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Businesses operating in oil and gas industry perform an assorted list of functions. The business usually involves unequal moving parts, which includes exploration, extraction, refining, transportation and marketing. A hitch in any one area may affect the entire scale of operations. CEM offers a scalable ERP tool to manage projects in oil and gas industries.

Built on top of the agile Microsoft Dynamics AX, CEM’s ERP system is a flexible module built to help organizations sustain fierce competition and rapid changes.The AX modules provide seamless integration of financial and accounting data, resource planning, operations and system management.

Advantages of using CEM’s Oil and gas solutions:

  • Timely completion of day-to-day activities, accommodating changes in work-load.
  • Reduces project complexity and risks by accurate analysis of system data and provides cost effective solutions to real-time problems.
  • Integrates all activities in one module, accounting errors due to lapses in data is alleviated.
  • Provides visibility of project costs, revenues and margins.

The oil and gas solutions at CEM offer an array of ERP modules that perfectly fits the needs of your organization.

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