Employees are the core of any organization. As such it is important to ensure that all their needs are met while making sure the companies needs are not overlooked. Even with a robust HR team, it is difficult for the HR department to be readily available to the employees at times. Using CEM’s HR module will allow both the HR team and the employees greater communication and control over their employment. This greater control will lead to increase productivity and a greater return on investment from your employees.

CEM HR seamlessly integrates with Dynamics AX. The user will have a single interface containing both AX out of box and CEM add-ons, allowing them can access all the functionalities in one application.

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  • Achieve the best ROI on Human Capital Investment
  • Increase employee’s satisfaction
  • Identify talent and empower leaders
  • Maximize employees’ productivity
  • Totally automated HR process
  • Tighter integration with AX – Finance, HR, Payroll, Projects modules
  • One stop shop for all HR needs

Manpower Planning/Budgeting:

This module allows for each department to plan their manpower costs for the year. Have your managers plan their filled positions, open positions, and protentional new acquisitions before bringing it all together to create your staffing budget. Ensure that you have the right number of staff at the right cost when you need it!

  • Deep financial & projects integration
  • HR and payroll module Integration
  • Automated allocations
  • Organizational process workflows
  • Excel integration
  • Generation of Staffing budget
  • Link to recruitment request for manpower hire approval
  • Setting up a plan period – by defining the start and end date
  • Creating the yearly headcount budget

CEM Recruitment

CEM Recruitment Module offers a range of features that simplify the hiring process. Create and post job openings, manage candidates, collaborate with colleagues to make an informed decisions – all in one place. Hire the best candidates in the fastest time possible with CEM HR!

  • Simplified recruitment process from start to end
  • Both business/HR divisions can initiate recruitment process
  • Visibility of recruitment process at all stages
  • Tight integration with Finance and other modules
  • Hiring request can be done from anywhere, even on the project site using ESS/MSS
  • Schedule interviews and monitor the progress through interview stages
  • Enhanced status tracking of applicants
  • Customized offer letter with data automatically derived from previous processes
  • Upon hiring, applicant data is converted into employee data in Microsoft Dynamics AX

CEM Onboarding Wizard

CEM Onboarding Wizard helps both the business manager and the HR department to integrate a new employee seamlessly into the organization. All of an applicant’s information will be rolled into a new employee record preventing HR from having to fill out numerous fields and pages. Simplify your on boarding process today!

  • Convert an applicant profile into an employee
  • Alert all the appropriate departments about the new employee.
  • Track onboarding activities to ensure everything from ID cards to computer setups are ready for an employee’s first day.
  • Confirm all EEO, address, contact information, position, compensation and much more before the process completes.

Performance Management

CEM Performance Management Module allows employees and their respective managers to set goals, review those goals and if necessary, edit them to ensure they are constantly aligned with the job and the organizational goals.

  • Set goals – individual & job goals based on organizational objectives
  • Configurable appraisal and planning periods
  • Employee and manager review with custom rating systems and weightages
  • View and analyze deviation/variation
  • Customizable workflow based appraisals
  • View performance, track appraisal reviews and history through dashboard
  • Comparative reports across the same positions in a department
  • Alerts and e-mail reminders at every stage of the performance evaluation
  • ESS driven

Benefits Administration

Microsoft AX provides out-of-the-box benefits management capabilities including the ability to set benefit types, benefit plans, and benefit options, and mass assign them.

CEM Benefit Administration module complements Dynamics AX out of box functionalities, by making it accessible to employees via employee self-service (ESS). This make it possible for employee to manage their own benefits without HR having to waste time micromanaging them.

  • Selecting and changing deduction amounts
  • The option to stop enrollment in a specific plan at any time (Per company policies)
  • Open enrollment and life event requests through ESS Portal
  • Expanded Benefit Rate rules and calculation engine; including age-based, salary-based and employee-type-based tiers
  • Fully configurable workflows

Leave management

CEM Leave Management module allows business to define the various types of leave, capture leave dates, calculate accrual leaves, and define leave accrual policies. It fully integrates with the Payroll module allowing for requested leaves to automatically be deducted and flow through to their payment.

  • Improved communications about absence management, fostering a more transparent, positive, and employee-centric culture
  • Clear absence overview by department
  • Identify patterns of staff absence
  • Create leave accrual policies based on hours worked and years with the company.
  • Automatic accrual of leave through Payroll.
  • PTO Cash out through ESS with integration to Payroll
  • Leave setup based on exempt and nonexempt employee types
  • Leave carry forward options
  • Automatic leave assignment for all employees including new hires
  • Leave request approval through ESS with a customizable workflow
  • Integration to 3rd party payroll processing software