AEC Architectural, engineering & construction management

The architectural, engineering and construction industry is an ever-growing & highly-competitive sector. This sector demands integrated and collaborative data management platforms such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the day-to-day activity management. ERP system provides complete support to track business resources such as materials, service units, production capacity, cash flow, sales order status, purchases and payroll.

The AEC industry uses outdated management methods. Implementation of efficient AEC software can tackle the business management issues faced in the industry and put you at a competitive advantage. This software manages the complete process flow with quick execution time.

Today, ERP systems not only produce measurable profits but also help reduce risks by bringing together multiple offline systems and irrelevant technologies into a unified data rich environment. Time sensitive data requirements can be acquired, stored and accessed more efficiently by integration of teams locally and globally while managing projects in a better and cost-effective manner.

Benefits of ERP in the AEC industry

  • Workflow redundancy
  • Business visibility
  • Agility
  • Real time information
  • Cash flow management
  • Business analysis & intelligence
  • Improves the competitive position of a company
  • Compliance


ERP implementation

ERP Upgrade & migration

Project management

Cloud Migration


Manpower resourcing

HR automation

Product selection


Manpower resourcing

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