Applicant Portal / ATS

A recruitment software that works exactly the way you want it

CEM’s Applicant Tracking System and Applicant Portal is a good software that you can use to get your jobs online and attract the right candidates for the job. Our Applicant Portal connects to your online job portal and to popular job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn. The intuitive matching feature will help you see the best fit candidate for the job.

Your Pain Points

  • Recruitment reporting is a lengthy process
  • Handling a mountain of resume hard copies
  • Complicated searches through the applicant database
  • No proper ATS to filter candidates as per your requirements
  • Inability to track all your job posts and applicants
  • No convenient way to track your calendar and scheduled interviews
  • Difficult to retrieve applicants’ information
ATS Sofware Values and Features


Set your own applicant rating and filtering criteria

Automatic candidate matching for top 3 or 5

Applicants can attach any number of attachments and reference documents apart from resumes

Post your jobs to the most popular online job boards and social networks

Ability to view your applicants’ profile with contact information, certifications, resumes, degrees and rating

Manage and sort all your applications, upload & filter resumes using resume parsing and keep track of applicants' progress

Ability to store applications for future job postings and positions

A comprehensive resume database with advanced search options

Ability to maintain calendar & interview scheduling

Automated notifications to all users - hiring manager, applicant and HR

Manage offer letters and monitor the number of open positions

Accurate reporting allows you to manage your data efficiently

Video interviewing capability in ATS solutions

ATS / Applicant Portal Features. Your Benefits.

Applicant sourcing, job posting and tracking applicants

Resume parsing

Calendar and interview scheduling

Video interviewing

Interview rating and candidate weightage

Candidate match feature and offer letter

Seamless email integration with ATS software

Automated and simplified workflow driven process

Can be deployed as a stand-alone Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Portal can be integrated into your website replacing the ‘Jobs’ or ‘Career’ page

Connectivity with external job portals and social sites

Automated notifications to all users - hiring manager, applicant and HR

On hire, applicant data is converted into employee data in Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Hiring request can be done from anywhere, even on the project site using ESS/MSS

Customized offer letter with data automatically derived from previous processes

Alerts and reporting capabilities

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