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Applicant Portal

The applicant portal connects HR recruitment managers to prospective employees by linking your ERP system to an online job portal. This seamless integration leads to the system being a one stop recruiting solution.

The hiring process becomes streamlined right from job postings all the way through to onboarding. The Applicant Portal will assist in getting applicant resumes, tracking applicants and finally selecting the best fit candidate using resume parsing.

The applicant portal can be integrated into your website replacing the ‘Jobs’ or ‘Career’ page. It can also be deployed as a stand-alone Applicant Tracking System.

As with all CEM products if you find something you would like added we are more than happy to customize our solution to be the perfect fit!


  • Emulates your website’s look and feel
  • You can expose only the portal to the public without exposing your ERP
  • Organizations can set the rating and filtering criteria
  • You can filter to see only the top 3 or 5 hot matches for the job
  • You can make the choice about your resumes – resumes can be held in applicant portal, passed on to AX or shared between them. This means only qualified resumes will be transferred into AX
  • Applicants can attach any number of attachments and reference documents other than the resume itself
  • EEO/OFCCP and other regulatory reports
  • Automated and simplified workflow driven process
  • Emulates your website’s look and feel
  • Connectivity with external job portals and social sites
  • Hot match will search your applicant database and suggest the best candidate even if they haven’t applied to that job.
  • Hiring managers can post their requirements for the job
  • Automated communication with all user– hiring manger, applicant and HR