Applicant Tracking System

Why aren’t you attracting the right candidates for your open positions? You don’t have CEM’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), that’s why. CEM’s Applicant portal will connect your prospective candidates to your online job portal and to any external job boards you choose expanding your candidate reach. Applying for the job for your prospective applicant is simple and painless using the Applicant Tracking System’s easy user-interface. Job management in the Applicant Tracking System is effortless as you manage and maintain job openings, requests, and postings to internal and external job boards.

CEM’s Applicant Tracking System will keep all your applicant’s information in one centralized location. You will be able to manage all your applicant’s information and keep track of their progress as they move through the many recruitment stages right into the offer letter process. You have a searchable resume database of your talent pool of resumes. Using our Candidate match or hot match function you will be matched with the perfect candidate with our percentage based algorithm that matches applicants to the position based on skills, education and experience that you select. Setting up interviews is a breeze with CEM’s ATS system. It will integrate with your Microsoft, Google, or any other calendar to easily schedule your interview or video interview. The applicant as well as internal staff will receive notifications and alerts so no appointments will be missed.

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