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8 Reasons to invest in the unique construction management software

One of the most challenging industrial sectors, the construction industry, is complicated with numerous minute agitations leading to both time and budget overruns. The construction management has never been a simple task even for giants in the industry. Each new construction project has to be designed, planned and executed appropriately to meet the time and budget goals, overcoming hindrances of seasonal labor force, natural calamities, employees’ accommodation and so on.

Only construction management software can make it easy for this industry to achieve their goals with well-planned strategies and processes. Almost all construction management software programs deliver certain modules and features for better performance of the construction industry.

To add flavor to it, CEM AX Construct, comes with rich functionality, flexible application platforms, and superior customization facility, generating a prominent rise in revenue and bottom line of the companies. This unique construction ERP software is built on top of the most powerful and robust platform of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, assuring a sure step for gaining competitive advantage and thus success.

This construction ERP software, CEM AX Construct focuses on every nook and corner of the construction industry operations and makes the construction management tranquil. The noteworthy modules and features of CEM AX Construct:


Maintaining purchase orders, invoices, progress and settlement, demand lots of resources and time. In spite of investing your valuable time and resources, the process is illustrious for cost overruns and security issues.

CEM AX Construct (sub-contracting module) handles the situation effortlessly by managing the change orders, tracking payments and certifying the same, and tracking security documents.

Workforce Augmentation:

Staff augmentation is very much necessary for the construction industry. The need for the workforce alters as processes and plans alter. Managing the hired workforce and making payment on time for them are arduous for any company.

The exceptional construction ERP software manages the hired employees and maintains the wages, purchase orders, certifies the payment to be made, integrates it with the existing payroll and molds the process of workforce management.

Advanced Project Management:

Construction companies are disposed to multiple projects all over the year. Maintaining various projects, tracking their payments, progress and completion have never been an easy task. But wasting numerous human resources’ power to handle these issues and spending money on them is not advisable.

CEM AX Construct comes with an advanced project management module to overcome this concern. The module offers applications for better project planning and budget planning. Project document numbering, using productivity codes and contract trend notice, and producing extensive reporting are few of the advanced features offered here.

Advanced Inventory Management:

Inventory management – Handling multiple projects at the same time and preventing cost overruns is an onerous task for any construction company. Proper planning and utilization of inventories can be a great boon for your success.

This is possible with the construction ERP software. The software offers applications to categorize items according to their types and use, declare surplus availability, transfer goods to the required destination, budget validation and so on. This assists you to preclude the project’s time and cost overruns.

Staff Accommodation:

As the construction industry has to handle a lot of alteration in the employee count from project to project, arrangements have to be made for the accommodation for these employees. There are separate accommodation management software programs available, but investing in these for just one issue will not be a wise option.

CEM AX Construct incorporates the benefits of accommodation management software with construction management software, providing double benefits for clients. The features of this module include maintaining the camps and food, camp daily register, tracking food and check-in/checkout transactions, and cost allocation for various projects.

Plant, Machinery and Vehicles (PMV) Management:

Plant, Machinery and vehicles form the major part of the construction budget. If the utilization and cost of these are planned correctly, it almost lays the path for your project’s success.

The construction ERP software, assures the exact utilization and maintenance of PMV. This is possible through the various features available such as PMV request management, surplus declaration, stoppage request for rented properties in case of damage of the product, daily log maintenance and certifying the payments.


Scaffolding is an important activity in the construction project. Effective handling of human resources and scaffolding items are significant.

The construction management software provides assistance to maintain the scaffolding items, raise purchase orders, compare purchase orders with actual invoices, declare surplus availability of materials, and dispose scraps as and when needed. With these features, it’s simple to handle the scaffolding process of the construction firm.

Ready-Mix Concrete (RMV) Purchase:

The purchased ready-mix concrete has to be maintained and utilized as per need to avoid wastage of resource. Ready mix concrete ERP can take care of this through the features of threshold declaration, purchase and transportation tracking and payment certifications.

CEM AX Construct delivers the benefits of ready mix-concrete ERP along with the other modules explained.

Other than these modules, the construction ERP software can also be customized according to the intricacy of your business. The above modules and features, evidently justifies the investment in this exceptional construction management software. With the user-friendly interface, efficient project management and improved quality of work the construction business can shine with this construction ERP Software!

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