Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

ms dynamics ax 2012 r3

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

The importance of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution is rising day to day. Growing companies now hinge on ERP & CRM solutions to simplify their business processes. Although there exists a numerous ERP systems around the globe, Microsoft ERP System has great advantages over others.

The first advantage is that, Microsoft provides more data on the product strategy than any other competitor. More information is always believed to be an assurance of good quality and clear implementation. Microsoft Dynamics AX Solutions are also well known for its custom-made applications together with powerful business intelligence modules.

User-friendly nature:

Many organizations use Microsoft software programs for their day to day business processes. Microsoft ERP works impeccably with these software programs and makes transfer and sharing of information easier. As it integrates completely with your business processes, training employees will not demand much time.

Multi-layered architecture:

Microsoft AX is designed to have a multi-layered architecture to assist businesses cope up with this rapidly changing business environment.

Separate solutions for each industry:

Microsoft AX develops distinct solutions for almost each industry vertical of business. For instance: AX has solutions for retail, manufacturing, construct, and other professional services. The development of each product thus ensures in-depth understanding of that particular industry features.

Multi-language, Multi- currency capabilities:

For multi-national and international organizations, Microsoft Dynamics AX comes with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, meeting the regulatory requirements of many countries and removing barriers for your transactions. The Dynamics AX is not only designed for larger companies, but works well even with smaller ones holding just one location.


Microsoft offices and Microsoft dynamics AX support centers are spread across several countries. They also have the culture of channel partners for the product distribution all round the world and there are numerous certified Microsoft partners who make the implementation and service easier. This assures immediate service and assistance at any point of time.


MS dynamics offers high and affordable scalability for your business. Especially in the growing phase, Microsoft ERP delivers timely and quality decision making support with reliable business insight, with an enhancement in usability and learnability of the solution.

Shorter implementation period:

Compared to all other ERP solutions available, the average implementation period of Microsoft Dynamics AX is proven to be less.


The cost invested by Microsoft in R&D department is high making sure to update their products as and when needed. The products are developed with a focus on innovation and improved productivity.

Low complexity and maintainability:

Being built using standard industry tools, MS dynamics is powerful yet simple. It serves an array of functionalists without much complexity in operation.

Rapid customization:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Customization is much simpler and less time-consuming than the other ERP options due to the familiarity of Microsoft software programs. A fast customization ensures delivery of expected results right away.

Simple Up-gradation process:

The up-gradation one dynamics AX to the next level AX is pretty simple and involves only few steps. For instance: An upgrade from AX 4.0 or AX 2009 to AX 2012 is a simple and direct process.

Low TCO:

The total cost of ownership of a Microsoft AX ERP is much less due to its quick installation and simplified maintenance processes. Microsoft business solutions also come with rapid-start features to assist the installation process, providing quick setup and configuration of ERP solutions.

High ROI:

Various researches have been undergone and the results assured a high return on investment for Microsoft business solutions compared to its competitors. Microsoft has also come with a benefit estimator (a software tool) to calculate the various savings obtained from implementation of Microsoft products and the ROI. This offers a clear idea about the product implementation.

Secure connectivity:

Microsoft dynamics AX comes with a new connectivity feature which assures a secure connection between you and your stakeholders (partners, customers and employees).

Flexibility to changes:

No business demand remains same for years together. Microsoft dynamics AX solutions are developed to offer an agile environment to support your fluctuating business requirements and to gain a competitive advantage. As dynamics AX works with concurrent users versus named users, no specific numbers of minimum or maximum users are required, thus being a perfect solution for your fluctuating business circumstances.