5 Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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5 Ways to Turn Business Data into Business Insight with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Data, the facts or statistics collected together for business analysis, are the most valuable resource for any business success. Especially for a growing company with a perpetual increase in both the supplier and client chain, access to accurate and timely information plays a vital role. All the employees should be able to access data that are imperative and apposite to their own role and responsibility.

The next step in the process of business betterment is converting the data into business insight. People in the organization have to convert data into insight and present them in a more meaningful way. In this session, we will have a look at the ways in which your business can be powered by turning data into insight needed for its betterment, by using Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Put information to work:

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, informed decisions become a part of day to day activities. This turns the tools in your workplace effective by providing certain useful features.

Tailor-based report:

Gives access to certain specific and tailor made reports, based on users’ roles and responsibilities, to compare the current data with the past performance of the organization.

Easy to access visual aids:

The business performances can be studied in detail with these easy to access visual aids such as graphs, charts, etc.

Ad-hoc query and analysis:

Although IT department exists in all organizations; depending on them for everything can result in time delays. But Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides options to process unexpected queries with easy to use tools such as Microsoft office, by comparing planned and actual data. This results in corrective actions being taken and the process flow remains uninterrupted.

With the business intelligence potential of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX, the key issues that need immediate attention are communicated in no time, either through mails or through notification in desktop to the users. With this fast communication of information and the availability of easy to analyze tools, the time and money of the organization are reduced and results in real time profits.

Take the burden out of business intelligence:

No big giants in the industry will be able to allocate an exclusive IT counselor for each employee. It would be an amazing experience if each employee would be able to process data on their own. Microsoft Dynamics AX makes this possible by offering impactful, practical and flexible reports for your easy analysis. The extraction process is made simple such that everyone will be able to access it without demanding any unique software skills.

There are hundreds of reports developed with an easily customizable outline, so as to add, delete or tweak fields as and when needed. The tool also assists with answering simple business decision making questions. The IT professionals can then be utilized for other high end processes on the down line.

With the wholesome of reports, distribution and analysis provided by Microsoft Dynamics ERP on the basis of SQL server, the productivity of the organization shoots up and you can witness a high ROI in a short span of time.

Get Business Intelligence on the fly:

Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides options to make Business Intelligence mobile for the customers to enhance their business operation and to gain more profit on the go. A business system, with the same functionality and flexibility as the tools they use in their personal life can make the processing of data easier, increasing the productivity and overall business performance.

Through this mobile Microsoft Dynamics features, employees in need of any specific data can attain it right on their mobiles as and when needed. This mobile solution works with Microsoft Office features and Microsoft SharePoint as the platform for distribution and collaboration, so as to provide the required information at the required time. With Microsoft Share Point, the reports gained are securely saved to cloud for any future analysis needed. This also assists in easy sharing of information.

With this unique feature of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the organization increases its productivity and level of service they provide to customers.

Transform big data into your next big idea:

Big Data in organization have a big effect on its performance. Microsoft Dynamics ERP coverts these big data into big insights, along with the use of Microsoft features including Office, SQL and SharePoint.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives the ability to manage and analyze big data to every user in the organization. With prognostic analytical tools, the organization can identify the most profitable customer and products. This can improve your sales, service and customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP can thus assist you to analyze and utilize big data lying somewhere on the server to create big ideas and enhance the organization’s performance.

Make information more accessible with cloud:

The cloud based BI tools are replacing the traditional on premises tools. The cloud provides numerous real time advantages such as more accessibility, data security, storage capacity and high ROI.

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