Uses of Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Retail Industry

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a dominant Enterprise Resource planning solution that offers tools to manage the entire activities of an organization from supply chain, procurement to human resources, financials and projects.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has developed specific solutions for all the major industry verticals including retail, public sector and government, service industries, manufacturing, financial sector and telecommunication.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is a leading point-of-sale solution for the retailers, customized to support small to medium sized businesses that are operating from a single store to a whole chain. It is the perfect solution for the retailers who are focused on the significant growth of their business. The Microsoft Dynamics for retail solution allows the retail industry to be dynamic in their activities, bringing a comprehensive shopping experience to their customers.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS offers cutting-edge functionalities including multi-dimensional inventory management, advanced purchasing and receivables management, with the customized reporting capability. The modern, mobile and global retail management solution is highly flexible and thus can be customized according to the changing business needs. The solution assists you in:

  • Streamlining the operations
  • Gaining mobility
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Enhancing the profit margins
  • Enhancing industry excellence

Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail brings in customer engagement capabilities that bag the store operations, order and channel management, marketing & sales along with the back office capabilities including procurement and financial management. The solution allows you to gain insight into the customer behavior and gain a complete control over the critical data of the retail store.

Once you invest in the Microsoft Dynamics RMS solution, it means the overall benefits of Microsoft can be gained. These benefits include:


All the Microsoft Dynamics solutions are designed to deliver pervasive interoperability, providing users a familiar & consistent experience and seamless integration with Microsoft office leading to improved collaboration across the supply chain.

Business Intelligence:

From the data gained across various channels of operations, meaningful reports and visualizations are gained to turn insight into decisions to move your business forward.

Workflow:The Microsoft Dynamics system allows you to create human workflows that can be utilized to solve issues such as order processing and inventory control.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Industry – Benefits:

Gain customer satisfaction and loyalty:

The Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail assists in delivering customer-centric experience across the entire cycle of customer relationship. Once the customer has decided and is ready to buy the products, the Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail streamlines the process of order fulfillment and also delivers greater insight into the order and customer related data. This assists in offering the apt customer service as and when needed, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Visibility over the entire value chain:

When the organization involves complex and dynamic supply chain activities, Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail addresses the issues across the entire value chain from merchandising and customer service to order management and fulfillment.

Efficient delivery:

Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail provides a visibility over the stock levels available across the various locations of business. This allows an efficient inventory management and thus an efficient delivery leading to the enhancement of the customer experience and satisfaction.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail assists you improve customer satisfaction by empowering employees, expand into new retail channels by reacting quickly to changes in the business environment, and accelerate your business success with a single power packed end-to-end solution.