Is ERP a good choice for your career path?

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Is ERP a good choice for your career path?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), as we all know is an application to manage all of its resources right from recruiting, payroll and what not. We would have either heard of the term ERP either from a tech friend or from a HR consultant. The ERP industry seems to be one of the highly paid and the levels of scope drastically increases from zero to above average but what is the average pay for an ERP consultant?

The demand for ERP consultants are rapidly increasing due to the requirements of the hugely potential industries. So let’s have a sneak-peek into the roles and pay.

ERP industry primarily offers two types of work profiles

  • Technical Consultant
  • Functional Consultant

Typical Technical Consultant Responsibilities:

  •  Leading AX development team
  •  Involved in Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Unit Testing, and Deployment.
  •  Preparing Functional specification and technical specification based on the requirement
  •  Worked closely with Functional Team for Setup and Configuration of data.
  •  Involved in Design, development, testing, deployment as per the Client specifications
  •  Developed code as per requirement
  •  Customization of the standard Reports as per the client requirements.
  •  To work closely on the Standards set by the client for their Process.
  •  Customization of Forms and Reports to suit the Client Business’s needs.
  •  To develop a Trade agreements for State code.
  •  To ensure a consistent look & feel across the Project and adhere to the standards set by the client

Typical Functional Consultant Responsibilities:

  •  Analysing the systems requirements of the clients.
  •  Business Process Study and analysis
  •  Gap Fit analysis.
  •  Exploring the viability of ERP to meet their requirements and carry out the Diagnostic process Study the  feasibility for development
  •  Preparing Enterprise Design Document
  •  Involved in Development activities
  •  Setup and master configurations for implementation
  •  Preparing Functional Requirement Document for customization
  •  Getting the Developments and customization done as per business requirement.
  •  Testing the developed product
  •  Provide Process Owners and Process Champions training
  •  Carrying out configuration with Key Users and knowledge transfer in set up
  •  Data migration using functionalities.

Salary Range for ERP Consultant: 4500 USD to Max

A Saturation Point for ERP? Depends.

Major ERPs : Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle and others

As far career is concerned, pursuing a career in the ERP industry is a fruitful one and has proved to be successful right from the start.

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