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Dynamics 365 pricing

Pricing Packages & Plans in Microsoft Dynamics

With Dynamics 365 software coming into its own, Microsoft Dynamics has created a price structure to suit virtually all your needs, depending on what your enterprise is engaged in. This post is to examine what these pricing options in Microsoft Dynamics offer the purchaser.

Let’s see what the various options include, toward finding the one that’s right for your business. (All prices quoted are per user, per month). These packages are geared to business users under the Enterprise banner, so they all include data security, 99.5% Upgrade SLA, Office 365 integration and phone and web support.

Dynamics 365 Plan.

This is the VIP pass of all pricing options for the product. The Dynamics 365 Plan is touted on the product’s website as the “best value”, as it includes 360° access to the suite of Dynamics functions, at a price point of $210.

Included in this Plan are finance and operations, retail, talent, sales, customer service, project service automation, field service and Microsoft social engagement.

Unified Operations Plan.

Designed to connect and manage business operations, this option is priced at $190. You get access to operations and finance, retail and talent.

Customer Engagement Plan.

Specifically geared to functions supporting client-facing relationships, you’ll pay $115 for this option and will be able to access sales, customer service, project service automation, field service and Microsoft social engagement.

Build your plan.

In addition to the 3 plans shown above, upgrades and add-on applications are available. This is to accommodate companies who want to take Microsoft Dynamics for a spin, building as they go and continuing to grow the role of the software.

Cost for these additional features of Microsoft Dynamics run from between $40 to $170.

In the case of every pricing option, additional team members are added at a cost of $8, with Operations Activity add-ons available for Dynamics 365 and Unified Operations, at a cost of $50. The Operations Device (access for finance and operations via a shared, licensed device) add-ons are $75, for the same pricing options.

The beauty of Microsoft Dynamics.

The beauty of Microsoft Dynamics and its pricing structure is the level of flexibility on offer for Enterprise customers.

With two distinct options to focus on specific sectors of your business (operations and customers), your company’s given the opportunity to commit in stages, rolling out functions to the entire operation, should the software prove to be the right fit.

Adding on as you go, you’re able to piecemeal implementation, making it less cumbersome to deploy, as your people are given time to familiarize themselves with the software.

These pricing options in Microsoft Dynamics, give you the flexibility to go either all-in, or step by step, with numerous opportunities for a variety of upgrades and add-ons as you go.

Microsoft Dynamics is a strong contender in the field of ERP, creating technological conditions that make it easier for companies to compete on a global scale, by making data-driven decisions in real time.

That’s nimble.

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