CEM Dynamics AX PTO / Leave Module

Time off requests can be a frustrating task for both employees and employers alike. From the employee perspective sending emails or verbally asking for days off works until the email is lost or your boss forgets what day you requested off. From the employer perspective time off requests can be a nuisance when multiple members of your team ask for days off and you can’t remember who requested what days.

Communication is key for the success of any business and or employee/employer relationship, so why not communicate scheduled days off with ease using CEM’s PTO/Leave Module. CEM’s Leave module offers a simple to use solution for requesting, approving, and documenting time off. Its’ easy to use interface takes away the difficulty of scheduling and remembering requested days off.



Simple User Interface:
Using CEM’s PTO/Leave Module, we’ve made requesting and approving time off effortless. With our custom workflows, all PTO and Leave requests will flow directly from the leave request form to the earning statements eliminating the manual process of plugging in emailed time off requests. Our PTO and Leave module paired with Microsoft Dynamics AX PTO accrual feature makes managing time off as simple as pie.

Easy to use form to request time off:

Easy to document previous days off:

Easy to for management to approve:

When looking for simplified options for managing leave, look no further than CEM. For more detailed information on CEM Leave Management Solutions or for a demo www.cembs.com or email info@cembs.com