Hire to Retire with CEM HR and Payroll for Dynamics AX

hire to retire

Hire to Retire with CEM HR and Payroll for Dynamics AX

The hire to retire process for employees in AX can be, at times, too complex and others too simplistic. CEM’s add-ons enhance and automate a lot of the processes involved with your employees.

While planning for next year’s manpower needs, using CEM’s Manpower Planning, you will be able to view the amount of workers and positions needed to be filled. Manpower Planning will review your current manpower needs as well as future forecasts including actuals, vacancies and additional new positions needed as required. Plan for each departments required manpower for each fiscal year.

CEM’s Manpower Planning add-on gives employers the ability to view each department, position and employee. Manpower Planning includes staffing budget, staffing request budgeted and staffing request additional.

This will provide an in depth look at the future projections of all employee and positions. This will help plan for budgets, projects and hiring needs. Something comes up throughout the year? Request for additional hires and adjust the manpower planning to fit your needs. A recruitment request can be launched from manpower planning to a recruiter.

The Manpower Planning Module integrates sub-modules including actuals, vacant and additional. From these sub-modules, you can address the pay increases to current employees and pay for future hires. This will help a manager plan the entire budget for the department. To streamline processes even further, planned increases have the ability to roll into payroll via Compensation Mass Update.

Last but not least, once the Manpower Planning is set up, submit the plan to upper management through a workflow for approval. Now we are ready to jump into recruitment!

This is a brief overview of the products from CEM that can help your business increase its bottom line through HR and Payroll Automation. Please contact us for a demo or if you would like more information.

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