Managing Recognition Requests in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

What is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition is simply identifying an employee’s efforts or accomplishments and making them and/or their team aware that a business appreciates their work. While this can seem minor it is a very important process in successful businesses. A good system for employee recognition enables a business to retain high skill and output employees and increase general motivation and productivity.

Features of the Recognition Module in Microsoft Dynamics Ax

This module seamlessly integrates recognition requests into AX giving an abundance of flexibility to both the employees and managers.

With the recognition module all employees can submit a recognition request for any other employee of their choice. They do not need to be a manger to make this request and can submit as many a year as their company wishes to allow.

Recognition can also be for anything the employer wishes from Best Performer to Best Teammate. How many types of recognition and what topics they cover, are all at an employer’s discretion.

After a business has set up they types of recognition and how many they would like to allow employees are free to start recognizing their peers. Submitting a recognition request is quick and easy.

To submit a request an employee simply has to click Recognition to create a new request. From here only three fields need to be filled in, the recognition ID, comment, and who the request is for. Once this is done the employee can submit the request.

Once the request has been submitted it will go through a work flow and a notification will be sent to the approver. An approve can easily review and approve the requests from an email or the Employee Portal.

With this module it is also easy for management to keep track of the all recognition requests. The requestor, the recognized employee, recognition type, date, and request status are available at a glance.

If further details are required a user just has to select an employee and click the history button. A pop up window will show the entire history of that employee and any awards they have received.


On top of that the reporting features included within the module allow a user sort all the recognition request by period, requestor, recognized employee and the request status. These fields are all optional allow the user flexibility in what information they would like to pull and view.

And that is all there is to it! A simple function in Microsoft Dynamics AX that could bring a huge impact in your company.